ARC Reviews of Beyond the Veil, Book One of Shadow Company


Have I got your attention?  Who would like to post a review of my latest paranormal romance – Beyond the Veil?  I have a #FREE copy of the book for readers willing to place an honest review on Goodreads/Amazon, B&N within the next month.

An update on the series includes book two coming this summer – Deliberate Intent is the continuing story of Aubrie, the seer, and Logan, the ex-SEAL/warlock. Their fight against evil in the netherworld threatens to destroy their love.  Lurking in the shadows, the demons use the couple’s own minds against them.  With help from Duke Taylor, fellow ex-SEAL and Katie Thibideau, Aubrie’s best friend, the war wages against the dark forces.  Discover their story soon!


Duke and Katie


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The Interview with Morgan Latimar from Desire’s Embrace

Desire's Embrace - Where passion and secrets collide.
Desire’s Embrace – Where passion and secrets collide.

I’m thrilled to share the release of Desire’s Embrace with all my readers. I’ve invited the hero from the book to be with us today.  Please help me welcome Morgan Latimar.

“Thank you, Catherine.  It’s a pleasure to be with you and your readers.”

“Tell me, Morgan.  You’re a shifter, correct?”

“Yes, Catherine.  That is correct.”

“How did you become a shifter?”

“Well, that’s a difficult one to explain.  Let me see how to begin.  I came back to New Orleans from the war of northern aggression unable to walk.  I’d taken a shot to the leg, and the injury left me a cripple. The doctors said I’d never walk again.  After countless examinations, I feared they were right.  My foreman, Sampson is very talented and fashioned a hydraulic brace for my injured leg.  It allows me more mobility.  Still, if I could find relief from the pain, it would be a miracle.  I was told to seek the help of the high priestess of Voodoo, Madam Marie Laveau.

“Wait.  I’m sorry to interrupt, but…  “You don’t mean, the Mambo of Voodoo that’s said to eat the hearts of young children, do you?”

“Yes, I’m ashamed to say, the woman I sought was she.”

“Well, our readers are going to want to hear this.  Continue.”

“I was desperate and knew the chances of any of her spells being more than superstition was slim.  Still, I suppose I was at my wits end.”

“She cast a spell on me and assured me I would be free of pain. It’s just that…

“Yes, Morgan, go on.”

“I didn’t understand the ramifications when she said I’d know great power and prowess with the spell.”

“I’m not sure what you are saying, Morgan.  Was Marie responsible for you becoming a shifter?  Is that what she meant?”


“Yes.  The spell, when cast, had side effects.  I can shift into a wolf and run free without pain.  Before now, no one outside of my immediate family has known about this.  Sometimes it feels like such a gift and other times it is a curse.  I find myself shut off from the rest of the world.  Others wouldn’t understand.  In the tumultuous times we find ourselves living in with the Federals still governing the city, I can’t take the chance of anything leaking about my condition.

“Yes, I can see what you mean.  But, haven’t you recently hired a nanny for your children?  How will you manage to hide the truth from her.”

Morgan chuckles without humor.  “It hasn’t been easy.  I tell myself, the children need her, and, therefore, I must curb my thoughts and actions as they pertain to Miss Sinclair.”

“How is that working for you, Morgan?”

“I’m finding it more difficult than I imagined.  Still, the children and my family are my number one priority, so I must maintain a steadfast persona in the face of Miss Sinclair.  She can never know the truth.  I hope you and your readers understand the importance of secrecy as it pertains to my situation.  I must be going now.  So many things to do today.  You know, being a sugar cane broker is difficult work.

“Yes, we understand you have business to attend.  Morgan, I must say how happy we are to have had you drop by.  Please return soon, won’t you?”

“Of course, Catherine.  Anything for you, ma petite.  Good day.”

“Good day, Morgan.  I want to thank the readers for visiting.  Next time, we’ll have a very special woman with us.  You won’t want to miss our visit with the high priestess of Voodoo, Marie Laveau.  Until then, may your dreams always be, my darlings.”


Click on the book cover for your direct link to Amazon and Desire’s Embrace

Also available at all major outlets including Barnes & Noble, I-Tunes and Smashwords

Flash Sale for Blood Born, Book 4 of Shadow Company

The fourth book in the series, Shadow Company is free on Amazon for three days!  Get your copy today and discover how the bad-boy biker with serious history discovers his attraction to an animal shelter volunteer with a painful history of her own.  Will he find the one he’s looking for or sacrifice everything for the woman in his arms?  Join Dorran and Meagan as they come face to face with evil reimagined in the quaint little town of Cheniere Station.




Nothing Improves the Flavor Like FREE!


Happy Monday!  Yes – I’m having a month-long sale on The Lady in the Mist from my best selling paranormal romance series about a young woman left a widow by the Civil War.  Book one in the series is FREE now until July 10th!    Get your copy today at this exclusive link:


Sonja Brooks lives on a small farm in Pennsylvania in 1863.  When her husband dies at Gettysburg, she struggles to take care of her farm alone.  The unthinkable happens when she is attacked by wolves and her fate as a werewolf is sealed.

When Ty Loflin, a Rebel soldier is mortally wounded in a battle near her home, Sonja does her best to save him.  The attraction between them is blood born.  Will he still want her once he knows the truth?  So begins the Western Werewolves Legend.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sonja wake up.  Sonja, you’ve got to wake up now.”  Ty shook her again, harder than before but still no response other than her moan.  Her perspiration was so much, Ty went to the kitchen to fetch a damp cloth from the pitcher of cool well water on the counter.  Something had to work.

“She’s in a trance, my boy.”  The voice startled him.  Ty whirled around.

He faced the old woman and growled low and fierce.  “Where did you come from?”  The hand he raked through his hair was fraught with tension.

Hortence merely stood in the doorway, her tattered dress topped by her habitual shawl pulled tight against the night chill.

Frantic, Ty yanked her inside.  “Never mind that, she needs help.  We were riding back from the creek.  She slumped in the saddle.”  With a quick yank, he pulled Hortence over to the bed.  “She’s been like this for a while now.  Can you help her?”  He stared at the old woman as she drew close to the bed.

Raising Sonja’s eyelid, she nodded.  “There’s nothing that needs doing, my boy.  She dreams.”  The green agate stone in the ring the old woman wore glowed in the meager light.  “Light a lamp.  I will sit with her.

“Sit with her?”  At the moment, Tyler Loflin could have cheerfully choked the old hag.  He certainly wasn’t worried about being polite.  He didn’t want to admit, the old bird had scared the bejesus out of him either.  That only added to his distress.  She wasn’t going to do anything more for Sonja than ‘sit with her’,  “You’ve got to be kidding me.  You’re a witch, aren’t you?  Isn’t there something you can do for her?”  His voice raised an octave.  “She’s dying!”  He doubted he’d ever been more frightened in all his life.  The surge of helplessness that swamped him had his knees buckling.

“Indeed she is, Lad.”  The old woman took a nobbled step and then another toward him.  “Sonja sleeps the trance of the change.”  She told him.  “Tonight she will become one with the universe.”  Beady eyes pierced him with their intensity.  “Tis the way of things.”  She glanced back at Sonja on the bed.  “Do you know of what I speak?”  Her wrinkled face bore a haunting resemblance to his great-grandmother as she asked the question.  “Yours is a heritage, which, not only understands the wolf but reveres his power.”  The old hag waited.

Ty realized she made reference to his being half Choctaw.  His ancestors taught all young Choctaw to respect the wild creatures of the land, especially the wolf.  Still, Ty didn’t have time for her riddles.  His patience wore thin.  At that moment, he could have cheerfully torn his hair out by the roots if the act would have helped Sonja regain consciousness.  “Look, I don’t know what you’re babbling about, but if you’re not going to try saving her, then get the hell out!”  The words boomed with the anger building inside him.  His eyes burned.  Had it suddenly grown hotter in the tiny room?

The old woman remained.

“Did you hear me?  I said get out.”  Ty’s lungs hurt, his head hurt, his heart felt as though it would spring from his chest.

Hortence simply cut him a cool stare before clucking her tongue in her cheek.  “Such bravado.”  She took a step toward him.  Cocking a discerning brow, the old woman scanned him up and down.  She nodded briefly before extending an aged hand to flick the collar of his cotton shirt.  “The powers that be have chosen well.”  She gave him a craggy smile.  “Tonight you will understand,  Yours and hers,” she inclined her head toward Sonja, “is the way of the lone one.  A wolf has but one true life partner, his mate.” Nodding her head in agreement with her own statement, Hortence squinted an eye and peered at him in earnest.  “What you do with the knowledge will determine not only your fate but hers as well.”  She leaned in, and Ty swore he smelled wild onions.  “Choose carefully, my boy.  Choose carefully…

What are you waiting for – Get your copy today! 







Weekend Extra – Hullaba Lulu 9.1 – a Recap

My friend, Teagan Geneviene is a master at creating fascinating worlds. I hope you’ll join me in her entertaining frolic through the Roaring Twenties done sideways. Here’s her latest post from Hullaba Lulu!

Teagan's Books

Saturday, June 2 2018

Sphinx Tesla TowerImage by Teagan Geneviene

Hello, everyone!  No, you’re not confused — this is not Wednesday.  However, my Saturday post this week looks a lot like Jazz Age Wednesdays.  Rob Goldstein and I have been having so much fun with the diesel-punk series, Hullaba Lulu, that it’s hard to believe the first chapter premiered March 21st.  So I thought I’d use my weekend post to write a chapter that’s sort of a review.

I’m using one item from the next set of “three things” that Rob sent to drive the story. So I’ll call this Chapter 9.1.  My quirky image above has some hints about what’s to come in the future.  That said…

… All aboard!

Hullaba Lulu

Chapter 9.1


Valentino Bots Green Metropolis 6Valentino and Angel-bots in the train’s control room, by Rob Goldstein

The engine gave a steady pulse that seemed to underlie everything.  It reminded…

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Blood Born

So, it’s Wednesday, and I’m in the writing cave today.  I have a new WIP I’m dealing with at present.  One of those fly by the seat of your pants kind of stories.  A new adult romance spinoff venture from Shadow Company.  Vampires, shifters, magic, and danger all congeal in this thriller about a small town girl falling for the bad boy bounty hunter.

Meagan Christiana turns twenty-one soon and among all the well-wishers are a few dangers she did not expect.  Since she is all grown up and ready to start her own life, Meagan figures she can handle what comes next.

 Dorran O’Hare, an Irish born ex-SEAL is on the hunt.   He has to save Cheniere Station from the Sultan’s diabolical schemes.  Having tracked the evil one across the Veil to the sleepy little town in Louisiana, he fears for the woman the Sultan seeks.  Her gifts are still a mystery to her, and he is the one chosen to show her the way.

Here’s a sample of what’s in the works.


Dorran’s breath on her neck had Meagan jumping back.  “What the hell?”  One look into his eyes and she could see he had been in her thoughts.  How else did he know she wanted him to kiss her?  A burning pressure radiated along nerve endings in her arms as he pulled her to her toes with those rough hands of his.  Leather met cotton in that second.

He breathed her in and narrowed his examination of her face.  “You smell like a woman, Stretch.  All simmer and sauce.”

She blinked.  What did he call her?  It took her mind a full four seconds for the comment’s meaning to register.  Was she a dish now?  Meagan wondered what came next.

I want to kiss you.  This is the only warning you’ll get.  Better let me know whether you can handle it.  Okay?”  His wicked grin was back.

Give me your best shot, ace.”   Her chin firmed under his keen eye.  “I may be just a woman, but I’m no kitten.”

The low growl sounded in his throat as he leaned into the kiss.  With a slant of teeth and tongue, he explored the corners of her mouth without hesitation.  When he eased back, his eyes stayed on hers.  “Just so you know, I’m a take charge kinda guy.”


Hope you liked the snippet.  These two still have a long way to go.  As the story unfolds, I’ll share more.  Now, let’s see who read to this point.  Drop me a line with your email address and let me know what you think.  I’m keeping a tally and giving away copies once the book is released.

Available at Amazon


New Book Trailer for Blood & Magic

J.T. Leighton, ex-SEAL and vampire is the newest member of Shadow Company. When Jessie Colter, his former lover shows up out of the blue needing their brand of assistance, he can’t resist her. Keeping his true identity a secret from her proves harder than he imagined. The Sultan kidnapped Jesse’s parents, and J.T. risks his dead life to help her get them back.

His life is over – literally.  J.T. is a vampire, and while he will live forever, he will never again know the affection of Jessie Colter.  Her appearance in Cheniere Station is all the more difficult for J.T. because of the danger she is in and his inability to help.  Finding the demon who stalks her will throw them together in a most agonizing position.

What future can these two have?  Will they find solace in the fight to rid the world of the Sultan or will the attraction between them become too much to face?



75% Off For A Limited Time

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Red Creek, Massachusetts is a quiet town. Nothing ever happens, and nothing ever changes – a feature Saul Benton, local recluse and member of the Benton Vampire Clan, appreciates deeply.
Unfortunately for Saul, his peaceful existence is soon to be mercilessly destroyed. Evil is closing in on the Benton family and Red Creek, seeking to obliterate all Saul holds dear. Which makes Saul’s attraction to Nikki Galimore, a mortal woman, and brat extraordinaire, all the more inconvenient.
Too bad his heart did not seem to have received the memo.
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I hope you love it!
Catherine Wolffe




Victoria Knight at 75% Off

I am sharing and would encourage my readers to check out the latest offer from Victoria Knight!   Love Paranormal Romance? Grab It 75% Off!

For a super short time, bestselling author Victoria Knight is having a 75% off flash sale on her steamy vampire romance “Monsters Within” and you can get a copy for only $.99!
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Here’s what the book is about:

Red Creek, Massachusetts is a quiet town. Nothing ever happens, and nothing ever changes – a feature Saul Benton, local recluse and member of the Benton Vampire Clan, appreciates deeply.

Unfortunately for Saul, his peaceful existence is soon to be mercilessly destroyed. Evil is closing in on the Benton family and Red Creek, seeking to obliterate all Saul holds dear.

Which makes Saul’s attraction to Nikki Galimore, a mortal woman, and brat extraordinaire, all the more inconvenient.

Too bad his heart did not seem to have received the memo.

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I hope you love it!
Catherine Wolffe