The Joy of Writing

Creative writing is a way for me to express things that mean alot to me.  I have ideas floating around in my head all the time and writing helps me sort them out and at least get them on paper.  The written word is a marvelous way to express your concerns, ideas, thoughts, joys, sorrows and just let off steam from time to time.  You also learn to understand the people around you better with a bit of consideration on paper.  Writing down our concerns allows us to put to bed the things that would otherwise fester and hurt our well-being.

To me, creative writing is like taking flight.  The sky is the limit and you are free to experience the free-fall or fly through the air on the wings of your words or simply float back to earth secure in the knowledge that you can do it all again whenever you choose.

Expressing yourself in words allows a person to grow, to bloom, and to be so much more while also being documented in print.  With that said, be careful your expression doesn’t come back to haunt you.  Unkind observations and detrimental opinions can hurt deeply, so use your skill wisely.  Freedom isn’t without responsiblity, nor is it a license to manipulate.  We all exsist together and should strive to respect those around us as we would like the same respect from them.

I am thrilled by the opportunity the internet gives us today.  It allows us to communicate with others so much easier.  Letters and postcards for the most part may be a thing of the past soon.  Blogging, like I’m attempting to do now, is a form of self-expression.  Some of us would simply like to be heard.  Our jobs and our lives may be solitary or confinded to the seemingly small world we live in daily.  To be able to express oneself opens up a whole new relm of possibilities.  What we decide to do with those possibilities is entirely up to us.  Isn’t it?

The joy of writing is something everyone can enjoy.  Whether you are a reader or an author, pleasure is gained from the experience.  Enjoy the written word!