Good Morning Woes

It’s bedtime and I lay half awake in an attempt to get my mind to slow and shut down so we can go to sleep.  But my mind isn’t ready to do that and sends me what it thinks are some great ideas for my latest writing project.  My conscious says, “That’s a great idea!  Let’s remember that.”  But, alas, when my body wakes in the a.m. it’s the same old sad story of what was that last thought I had before I went to sleep.

Don’t waste your good ideas. Those fleeting thoughts that come to you just as your conscious mind and your creative self relax to rest.  Write them down. After waking far too many times and struggling to remember what it was I thought was such a good idea the night before, I have finally given in to forgetfulness.  I now vow to always keep a pen and paper on the nightstand beside my bed to jot these wonderful thoughts my mind gives me after I quit fighting and just let the thoughts come.  Sigh…

Good morning to all out there in writing land. Make it a good day!

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Author and Louisiana resident Catherine Wolffe is a romance reader now addicted to the dark, steamy call of the paranormal. She is the author of bestselling vampire/werewolf romance series The Western Werewolf Legend and the novel Desire's Embrace as well as the brand new "Shadow Company" series. Catherine has been writing all her life but only recently discovered her love for paranormal romance after being introduced to the Underworld movies by her husband. After that, she decided to delve deeper and create tales hot enough with twists and action aplenty to satisfy her emerging dark hunger. Visit to get free steamy sneak peeks at upcoming books and more!

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