J.T. Leighton, Time Traveler series

A Dance in Time is the first in a series of episodes that will feature J.T. Leighton, a ex marine turned private investigator.  Each episode will further the complete story of J.T. and his adventures as a time traveling P.I.  The explanation behind his talents will be slowly revealed as he unravels each case.  The people that cross his path with impact his life as he impacts theirs.   Fantasy and intrigue mingle to form another world where right is still right and evil exists just around the corner.  The offerings will run in a continuing series, so you’ll have to “stay tuned” for the next episode.

I enjoy telling a continuous tale and time travel has always intrigued me.  With J.T., I hope to create a magical place where he must use his talents and skills along with courage and determination to solve the job he’s been hired to solve, even though, he’s faced with circumstances that are definitely out of his realm of experience but not his expertise.

Having grown up on westerns, I use that love of right and wrong to create heroes, ingrained with the courage to see justice to it’s end, but with a heart that’s sensitive enough to care for the heroine’s feelings as well.  Don’t we all want the good guy to come out on top, but have to struggle a little to get there?  That’s my goal with J.T.

I hope you enjoy the J.T. Leighton, Time Traveler series and give me feedback that will only enhance the story.

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