Starting 2013 Off With a Bang

You know how the old saying in writing goes – Enjoy the small milestones?  Well Saturday was filled with small milestones.  The day began for me with a check of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Amazon – the sites I usually update as part of my Indie Author “Booking” process.  Yes, I have a marketing strategy – I call it “Booking”.  Don’t laugh!  Anyway, I got to Amazon and was checking my ranking in each category when I noticed something new at the bottom of the demographics for The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend.  The caption read #38 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Fantasy > Historical .  Immediately I clicked on the link and held my breath.  Sure enough at #38 my book’s cover appeared!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I had published The Lady in the Mist back in October, 2012.  The first two chapters of the complete novel were offered free on Amazon.  Apparently, patience paid off with this one, because the book finally made a list.  Now you can visualize me dancing around my living room in a wild happy dance.  I even got a high-five from the hubby!

That was the first thing good thing that occurred.  Next came with an invitation I received from a Facebook friend to pitch to an editor at Samhain Publishing.  Saturday, January 12th rolled around and I submitted my pitch.

Sunday, I opened my email to find a response from my Facebook friend telling me not one but two of my stories had been chosen to pitch to the editor.  Whether the editor likes them or not is still up for grabs.  I was just tickled to death to be selected to share my stories with her.   My two stories were included in thirty out of 59 submissions.  Again, we do the happy dance!

In 2013 my resolution with regard to my writing is to relish the small steps and be thankful.  It’s so easy to brush them aside or make light of these steps when they are actually rungs on the ladder to success.   The definition of the word success, in my opinion, will change as I strive to create and improve  my writing.   I look forward to the journey and the small steps in 2013 – how about you?

Click the image to read a FREE sample of my current series, the Western Werewolf Legend.
Click the image to read a FREE sample of my current series, the Western Werewolf Legend.

Thanks for sharing your small steps in comments following this blog post.  I would love to hear from you!  Here’s a little something free I’d like to share with you as my way of saying “Thanks for dropping by.”  Best wishes to everyone in their 2013 journeys.

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Where paranormal and romance collide. I love all things paranormal. Romance is top of my list so the two combined was a given. You'll see meet courageous men and determined women standing against the unknown. Check out The Western Werewolf Legend set in history during our nation's most profound struggle. Next, delve into Shadow Company and discover what it takes to face evil head-on. My latest release, Deliberate Intent (Book 2 of Shadow Company) is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, I-Tunes, and The Western Werewolf Legend is also available in one compelling read, The Western Werewolf Legend, 1-3. You can reach Catherine at - "Feel free to stop by anytime," Catherine Wolffe

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