Helping Victoria Embers Celebrate Release Day (Giveaway Included)

Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2) by Victoria EmbersI asked Victoria Embers, a writing friend of mine to send over an excerpt of her latest book, Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2) so I could share it with you today. It’s steamy, hot, and I know you guys will love it. I’ll be a part of Victoria’s Redemption Release party tonight. She has graciously invited me to join and promote my books too. I’ll be giving away something fun, so be sure to check us out. Here is the Party Event Link and information –

Read Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1) for Free on Amazon. Victoria included the first two chapters of Redemption in the free download as well.

About Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1)

Caroline, a werewolf and princess of the Golden realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She’s willing to risk everything, Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1) by Victoria Emberseven her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.

About Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2)

Before Caroline fell for her vampire lover, she met Raphael, a warrior of the Dark realm under difficult circumstances. Raphael’s father, the dark lord Asmodeus is killing off her family and presents Caroline as a pet to Raphael. Caroline has secrets of her own and wonders if the vampire willing to help her escape an enemy or friend? Realizing he must take action, Raphael works quickly to persuade the werewolf beauty who has claimed his heart to leave with him at once if he has a chance of setting her free. Amazon Buy Link for Redemption.


Victoria is holding a giveaway today on my blog to celebrate Redemption’s release. Comment on the article below, including your email address and tell us what you think of the excerpt included. The person with the 13th comment will receive an ebook of Redemption from Amazon.


What did you learn while writing Conquest and Redemption?

Because I write in the fantasy genre under another name, I simply wanted to try something new. It wasn’t easy at first. I struggled greatly with trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and if I really could write romance.

Releasing the short story, Conquest was a smart idea and a totally bad idea. It got my name out there, but it also anger people greatly that they didn’t have more to read. The story was only 2,500 words. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Since releasing it in November 2012, it’s been downloaded as a free ebook some 60,000 times so I know people are looking at it. I added the first two chapters from Redemption to the short a few weeks ago and that seem to have helped the negative complaints.

I’m anxious to see what interest Redemption generates and see if readers like my version of paranormal romance. I watched so many of my favorite romance files, read love poetry, and tried my best to really think about the concept of ‘true love’ and not letting an opportunity for love pass you by. That was my focus. It was great fun and I hope to be writing another novella in the series for a May release. We’ll see how it all goes.

What is the theme of the overall series, My Vampire Lover?

I love the romance novels where the lovers want to be together, but can’t. I like the idea of Caroline and Raphael wanting to be together, but because they come from different worlds it is a big struggle for them.

What inspires you to write?

Actually I’m new to all of this. A friend suggested I sit down and write the story I have been telling her and that’s what I’m doing. It’s a new adventure for me and I’m very excited about doing something creative. Simply, I like to think of this series as a love story I’m writing. Once I complete it, I’ll look to the next story to write.

How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?

Probably 4 novellas. I’ve already started work on My Vampire Lover Part #3 and hope to have it out by the summer.

I’d like to thank Victoria for being on my blog today and wish her the best of luck with her Release party and the success of her series, My Vampire Lover. Be sure to leave a comment after you read the excerpt.

EXCERPT from Redemption (The following excerpt is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY)

He smiled at me smugly and focused his attention on my hips. I followed his gaze. He wrapped both of his hands around mine as I held his cock against my naked belly. He stroked my hands, and then opening up the palms of his large hands, he quietly encouraged me to assume the task. When I took charge, he mumbled, “You’re stronger than you think.”

A fever of blushes covered my face. “Oh my goodness, did I hurt you?” I wanted to blush again, but his declaration, that he felt something quite literally when he had met me surfaced in my mind and sent me into oblivion. True love. I gazed up at him, marveling at the look of pleasure on his face. True love.

He moaned and rocked his hips gently into my hands.

I rubbed the head of his cock with my thumb, feeling a sweet stickiness at the tip.

Raphael moved his hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit, his fingers pumping inside me a few times.

My hips met his movements and I groaned, feeling the warmth of his manhood slide between my legs.

“I don’t want to control these feelings I have for you.” He gathered me up in his arms. “I don’t know where they came from. Maybe it was the wolf chant that did it. I don’t know for sure, but I know I feel this.”

A slight smile crossed his lips. He embraced me tightly and then picked me up in his arms.

I placed my hand over his heart. “True love,” I whispered as the words expelled out of my mouth in the form of a few short breaths. Could it be?

“This can’t be wrong, Caroline. I don’t want to deny the possibility of the love we can have. Say you agree?”

“I think I already love you, Raphael. I’ve never known anyone like you. You’re a glorious, magnificent vampire.”

When I felt his easing himself into me, my body melted. “Oh my god, yes,” I cried out. “Yes! Yes!” Wanting to increase our pace, I started to ride him with a newborn intensity. The warmth of his blood raced through my veins. “I’m yours,” I cried out. “I’m yours!”

“Shh,” he said. “Don’t listen to my blood. I don’t want you to be my servant or blood source. Equal.” With his muscular arms, he brought me up and down a time or two, shifting the rhythm of lovemaking to a slower urgency. “I want us to be equals. I want to cherish this moment forever. I want to look in your eyes as I’m inside you and know if we are never to be together again we had this one moment, out here in this wasteland.”

“By this rock,” I purred, letting him assume control.

“Not too fast, my sweet. Savor this feeling.”

I smiled down into his striking, pale blue eyes, watching how they glowed in the low light. His dark eyelashes fluttered now and again, but he refused to take his eyes off of me as we made love in such a desolate place. I grew hotter by the minute witnessing the desire in his stare. I studied him. There was an inherent strength in his features, almost a haughtiness I could visualize him giving to others he disliked. For me, in that moment, that strength was etched across his face with a look of devotion and confidence I had never seen before. The turquoise blue in his eyes brought out a growing passion I could see that was all for me. This could be my destiny, being with this man forever. If I was as bold as I had just been taking him in my hands, a future with this vampire could be in my grasp. But it meant sacrificing everything. Just for him.

When I felt myself about to climax, my head fell backwards and I gave myself up to him completely. I let him lead the way and delighted in the ecstasy of his deliberately slow pace. Waves of warmth rushed through my body as I neared orgasm. I’ll remember this moment forever.

“Slowly, my sweet. Slowly.”

I screamed the first time I came. His hands rhythmically worked my hips up and down on his cock, refusing to stop. He increased the speed of his movements ever so slightly. I was helpless to stop his lovely hastened pace. My heart raced rapidly and I wanted to slam my body into his, feverishly, insanely, erotically like I was in control of him, like he was there to please me and only me.

“Shhh,” he said. He gathered me close against his chest. “That’s the blood talking. Don’t listen to that. It’ll pass. Focus on this.” He pulled me upwards and let me slide down again on his massive manhood. “Come for me again, Caroline.”

About the Author

Author Photo
Author Photo

Victoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading vampire fiction. She believes good romance should make you purr while good erotic fiction should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she’s currently writing an erotic short stories series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves. Learn more about Victoria at

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Where paranormal and romance collide. I love all things paranormal. Romance is top of my list so the two combined was a given. You'll see meet courageous men and determined women standing against the unknown. Check out The Western Werewolf Legend set in history during our nation's most profound struggle. Next, delve into Shadow Company and discover what it takes to face evil head-on. My latest release, Deliberate Intent (Book 2 of Shadow Company) is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, I-Tunes, and The Western Werewolf Legend is also available in one compelling read, The Western Werewolf Legend, 1-3. You can reach Catherine at - "Feel free to stop by anytime," Catherine Wolffe

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