Thursday Teaser – The Lady in the Mist

Thursdays, this month, are saved for snippets from The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend #1.  The second book in this series is coming soon, so I wanted to devote Thursdays to sharing small parts of Tyler and Sonja’s story with the readers.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  Remember, you can pick up a sample of the story at Amazon entitled, The Lady in the Mist, A Werewolf’s tale for free!

Books by Catherine Wolffe
Books by Catherine Wolffe

“Help me, Ty!”

Her anxious directive caught him off guard.  Ty opened his eyes and blinked.  Sonja stood in front of him with her forehead creased in frustration.  The effort to free him from his pants proved too much.  Did she realize how beautiful she looked standing there in the half-light of the sun streaming through the window?  Ty’s head swam as he watched her frustration with the buttons of his trousers.

“Here, let me.”  Ty stilled her hands and deftly undid his pants, stepping out.  The scare along his thigh, still angry and tender, stretched taught.  Ty flinched involuntarily.  How long had it been since he’d been with a woman?

She reached out and laid trembling fingers on his arm.

He swore low as his shaft jumped.  His blood, already warm, surged through his body like a fire through dry tender.  Unable to stop the rush, he let his head fall back and reveled in the sensation.  No woman had ever made him feel like Sonja did.

Her slow glide downward awakened nerve endings, igniting them into flames.  Tentative fingers slid along the taught flesh just above the crisp hair surrounding his shaft.  Her face filled with anticipation as she touched his heat.  Closing her eyes, she smiled as he throbbed in her fist.  Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she reached out, taking his hand in hers as she picked up her skirt and headed for the bedroom.


Thanks for dropping by and please leave a comment.  All snippets shared in these blog posts are from the copyrighted material of Catherine Wolffe.

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Where paranormal and romance collide. I love all things paranormal. Romance is top of my list so the two combined was a given. You'll see meet courageous men and determined women standing against the unknown. Check out The Western Werewolf Legend set in history during our nation's most profound struggle. Next, delve into Shadow Company and discover what it takes to face evil head-on. My latest release, Deliberate Intent (Book 2 of Shadow Company) is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, I-Tunes, and The Western Werewolf Legend is also available in one compelling read, The Western Werewolf Legend, 1-3. You can reach Catherine at - "Feel free to stop by anytime," Catherine Wolffe

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