A New Start – The Lady in the Mist – Now in Paperback

Books by Catherine Wolffe
Books by Catherine Wolffe

Spring is always a good time of the year to slow down and reflect on the simple joys around us.  We may have to look closely and dig through some pollen to get to those joys, yet they are there if we will only open our eyes to their magnificence.  The sky turns a warmer blue and the birds sing their happy songs.  The earth begins to emerge in Mother Nature’s magnificent glory.  We start to hope for better days and the future looks brighter simply because the sun shines a bit more.  The snow melts to expose the treasures of fledgling plants surging toward new life.  Showers fill the creeks and feed the vegetation in promise of a greener earth.

I chose this time of the year to share my book with readers.  The Lady in the Mist is the the first offering in The Western Werewolf Legend series.  With Waking up Dead’s ebook release at the end of the month, I wanted to give the readers a chance to hold The Lady in their hands.  If they like, an autographed copy is available from me.  Contact me at catherinewolffe@gmail.com or you can pm me at https://www.facebook.com/AwardWinningAuthorCatherineWolffe for the price and details.  Nothing means more to me than hearing from those who read my work and enjoy the story.  Please drop me a line and share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.

I considered the release of Waking up Dead for April because of the parallel of a new start to go along with the story line of the book.   Ty and Sonja are in search of such a new beginning and their journey starts with the closing of a chapter.  The world they knew so well has become a dangerous place.  They have to flee.  The trip is made more dangerous with the added responsibility of protecting those they care about.  Here’s an excerpt between Sonja and her sister as they leave the familiar for the unknown.  I hope you enjoy reading the excerpt as much as I enjoy bringing this portion of their story to you.


Sonja allowed the mule-team to have their head.  The trail was narrow with little room to wander.  The canvas-covered wagon followed those of the Rebel soldiers Ty had saved.  Were the men uneasy about the trip?  Her own apprehensions coupled with the unknown path ahead warred for position in her head.  Hoping to relieve her own unease, Sonja glanced at her sister seated beside her.  “Briann, you’ve said little since we left town.  Are you sorry you came with us?”

Sonja’s sister glanced at her before focusing straight ahead.“No, I’m not sorry.  A little sad to have grown up and lived in the same place for so long.  Now to be driven away by Perkins and his vultures makes me angry.”  She paused and glanced at her boys asleep in her lap.  “Where are we headed?”  Laying a hand on the boys’ weary heads, she smiled when her children yawned openly.

“South.”  Sonja peered up ahead at the wagons they’d procured for the journey.  The Confederate soldiers had all changed into civilian clothing thanks to Hortence and her spells.  South sounded like a far-away place and the idea made Sonja nervous.  Her hands wanted to shake.  She gripped the reins tighter.  The road, so far, had wound around bends and up hills before spilling into another valley with new growth greening more readily the further they went.  “I’m sorry I got you into this mess.”  The words came unbidden.  Sonja didn’t give them time to linger before she smiled for her younger sister.  Briann was beautiful with her long waves of coppery fire.  The boys resembled their mom and Sonja secretly hoped they always would.  A smattering of bright freckles dusted their noses and pert pink lips formed perfect bows in their cherub faces.  Love swelled in her chest when she watched them in all their innocence.  Her family – what was left of it was precious to her.  She tried not to think of what she would do if anything happened to them.

Briann quieted again.  Sonja wanted to give her sister some comfort, some support.  However, the danger they all faced remained a grave deterrent.  She slapped the reins over the horse’s rump and steered the team to follow the wagon ahead of theirs.

The gentle sway of the wagons proved mesmerizing.  Sonja was already tired and they’d barely cleared Pennsylvania.  Ty had secured several wagons to help with the refugees who couldn’t walk properly.  Sonja drove one, while Smitty and Conners drove the other two.

“Sonja, if anything should happen to me, will you see to the boys?”

The pain of her sister’s statement weighed heavy on her chest.  “Don’t talk like that, please.  We’ll be fine.  I won’t let anything happen to you or the boys, I promise.”

Her sister’s beautiful green eyes gleamed with unshed tears.  “Don’t promise things you can’t deliver, Sis.”

“You don’t think I can protect you?”

“It’s not that.  I know you’d do everything you could to see us safely out of harm’s way.  Fate may have other ideas.  That’s all.”

They rode side by side for a long time without saying anything.

Truth sometimes had a way of crippling one’s notions of their abilities.  Sonja would speak to Hortence and the Guardian about Briann’s fears.  Surely, her sister was mistaken about her abilities.  She was her sister whom she loved more than life itself.  If she had to give up her gift to save her sister, she’d gladly do it.



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