Good Morning!

Hopefully the weather is getting better in your part of the world and Monday is a good day with sunshine and warmth.  Spring is here in the deep south.  The flowers are blooming, the pollen is floating and the birds are singing.  Sorry about the pollen, those are the facts, though.  We are expecting warm weather today, perfect for mowing the grass which is already growing like crazy.

What I’d like to share with you today is another excerpt from The Lady in the Mist.  With the release of Waking Up Dead in less than two weeks, I wanted to give you another peek into the world of Sonja and Tyler.  Becoming a werewolf is hard enough.  Compound that with falling in love and you have pretty good idea of the delima Sonja faces.  Ty has his own set of problems with his military responsibilities and changes happening that he doesn’t understand.

Here’s a small excerpt:

Sonja woke with a start.  Her gasp came out short.  The sheet clung to her clammy body but she didn’t acknowledge either.  Blinking back tears, she wiped at her cheeks.  It was the dream— that had brought her to the brink of despair.  Ty slept beside her, a man well sated.  A tender smile trembled across her mouth as she leaned over.  The dark strains of hair covering his eyes made her wish for a different time, a different place for this to happen to them. She brushed Ty’s hair from his eyes.  The chiseled planes of his face stood out in stark relief against the white of the pillow.  How perfect he was.  With her arms wrapped about herself, Sonja pondered this man the fates had sent her.  The pleasure of watching him sleep took some of the pain of the dream from her.  She didn’t want to think about him leaving, though he surely must go.  The pain would be too much to bear, she mused.  She wanted him like her next breath.  What would she do?  Surely, things wouldn’t turn out as bad as she’d envisioned.  With the old witch’s potion, she would get him to sleep through the full moon.  Hopefully, with some luck they’d both make it through her becoming a werewolf.


I’ll be sharing a new steamy free sample of The Lady in the Mist soon on Amazon and Smashwords.  Be on the lookout for that announcement in the coming days.  Thanks for stopping by.

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