Four Stars for Waking Up Dead from The Jeep Diva

Available at Amazon! Click the image to learn more.
Available at Amazon! Click the image to learn more.

These are the kind of posts I love to wake up and read.  Rachel at The Jeep Diva gave Waking Up Dead 4 stars and 4 flames!  Without further excitement on my part, here’s the review:

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Review: Waking Up Dead (The Western Werewolf Legend #2) by Catherine Wolffe

by Rachel

I really like this series. I think part of it is the setting being during the Civil War. Also the vampires are the bad guys in this so that is also a little change up from other books.

Let me start with the villain first. It is revealed at the end of the story just who is behind the vampire attacks in this story. I was very surprised and was not expecting it to be who it was. Not spoiling it for you though! I did like that the vampires were hard to kill. It just made it seem more authentic to me because they are already dead and shouldn’t be easily killed in a fight with a werewolf.

There wasn’t quite as much romance and sex in this story as there was in the first one because of the circumstances present in the story but there was still enough. I like that they had General Jeb Stewart back in this story as well as Sonja’s sister was also in it a lot more.

I did have some problems with this story at times though. It seemed like it jumped around a little bit and it made me get confused and had to re-read it in a couple spots. Also I thought that Sonja was more cross with Ty more often than what she needed however I also know she was frustrated but it made me want to shake her at times. She was determined to show that she could do everything that Ty could do and refused to ask for help.

Even though it still had a couple things that confused me I feel it still deserves a four star review because I feel the plot itself was even better that the last book and that action and adventure was also better. I will continue to read this series. I like where it is going.




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