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Thanks so much for dropping by!  I want to share a steamy scene from my latest western romance that several have found to their liking.  Comanche Haven is the tale of Celia, a Comanche half-breed who falls in love with a young rancher, Seth Loflin.  In each others arms, their heritage doesn’t matter.  To the world around them, though, Indians and White Men don’t mix.  Destructive forces are at work and the lovers are separated for over a decade.  When Celia returns to tend to her dying father, she has a chance encounter with Seth.  Will the world interfere again or will they stand their ground and fight for their love?

Here’s the excerpt – I hope you enjoy.  Be sure and visit the over 40 other authors with excerpts from their great books. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win great prizes!

Comanche Haven https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/110948

 You can also start reading Comanche Haven for free – Sample  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/297802

Comanche Haven

“Do you need help with your back?”  She rose.

The question came out of the blue.  To his surprise, Celia got up and walked toward the tub.  Leaning over the squat table to retrieve the soap, she began to lather his back.

What was she up to?  Seth stilled in the water.  His next thought had nothing to do with the cooling temperature of the water.  He realized the true reason he’d been driven to get back to the ranch so quickly, which had nothing to do with her safety and everything to do with her.

The stroke of her fingers along his back had him tensing and sent blood rushing to his shaft.  Seth closed his eyes and willed himself to focus on something else.  His back muscles twitched as her hands glided up and down in a slow, rhythmic dance along his backbone.

“Seth, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me.” Her voice sounded like distant music. “I don’t think I would have made it without you.”

Trying valiantly to regain his composure, Seth sat in the water in silence for a time.  Her words sounded sincere.  Then as if driven, he slowly leaned back in the tub.  He had to admit, if she was toying with him, she was damn good at deception.  “No need to thank me, Celia.  You’ll always be able to count on me.”  Seth took mental stock one more time and assured himself he was in control.  But the need churning inside him had other ideas.  One look into those emerald green orbs and his heart gave a little lurch.  His mind simply stopped working.

Celia’s fingers continued to glide over his soap-slicked skin.  With each stroke, her fingertips were sending molten heat straight to his loins.

They reminded him of satin.  He wanted more.

Before he realized what he was doing, he reached out and clasped the nape of her neck.  Feeling her start to pull back, Seth whispered, “Relax girl, I won’t hurt you.”  With his eyes on her lips, Seth hesitated briefly, searching for something – anything, which would let him know how she would react.  Then he reached up and took her mouth with his.  The hunger breaking free had nothing to do with sensibilities.  This time he coaxed her mouth to open and let him taste the sweetness of her tongue.  Seth’s pulse hummed as her lips gave warm and tender under his.  She opened for him like a flower and Seth tasted the warmth of her lips, which were pliant against his.  He groaned softly.  She tasted like honey and the line of her throat like cream heated by the sun.  He thoroughly explored the inside of her mouth and then the slender neckline she offered when her head lolled to the side on her own gentle moan.  Slowly he discovered every slick, wet curve of her mouth.  His teeth grazed her lips and tasted the salt of hunger in her response.  Did she want him as much as he wanted her right now?

Celia exhaled and her eyelids fluttered shut.

The hunger growing inside him knew only one end.  Long agile fingers sank deep into the silken strains of her hair as he levered himself up the side of the tub angling for a better hold on her warm skin.  Cupping her head in his big hand, he kissed her again.  This time it was with the fever of need.  A need he’d, long ago, locked away.  It surged up from the cold depths of his own desire and rocked Seth with its intensity.  Taking her mouth in an attack meant to capture and possess, Seth realized too late he was losing the battle with reason, but he’d lost the will to care.  She tasted so good.  Her head fell to the side on another soft sigh of pleasure.  Seth found himself trailing long wet, ardent kisses down her neck.  The soft dip of her collarbone was a perfect place for him to linger.  He could feel the blood pulsing there, just under her skin.  Her smell, the smell of roses was all around him.  Another soft moan escaped.  So full of life, a life he’d thought he’d never hold in his arms again.  The warning bells were going off in his head by then.  His blood was roaring in his ears.  He was in too deep to heed any of it.  He felt like a drowning man with no desire for rescue.


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  1. Terrific excerpt and thanks for being part of the hop!! Happy 4th! vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  2. That was so good, I had to check out your pnr’s as well. You got some skills.


  3. My to read list just keeps getting longer and longer. What a horrible problem to have right before I go on vacation…

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  4. Loved the excerpt! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. Wow! The excerpt is amazing and I love the concept of the book. However, what a place to stop!! No fair! I need to know what happens. It was going along so beautifully than it just stopped! I love it. It’s so well written and on my need list right now. My critically must have ASAP need list. Thank you for that! I am excited to add a book to that list, not many make it there so quickly!

    Have a wonderful summer and I wish everyone a very happy July,
    Shelly H

  6. Love the excerpt and downloaded the sample 🙂
    Thank you!
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