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Gotta love a cowboy – right?  Seth Loflin is my hero in Comanche Haven, The Loflin Legacy.  He’s the hard as nails kind of guy with a soft heart and a passion for his woman – Celia.  Here’s a few questions I asked of him recently and these are the answers.  Settle in and enjoy the interview.  Leave a comment and an email for a chance at a lovely logo t-shirt complements of me – Catherine Wolffe.

Seth, I’m so glad to have you here today.  The readers are interested in your home in Tyler, Texas.  What would you like to share about your ranch?

Catherine, thanks for having me.  It’s pleasure.  The ranch’s name is Shooter Creek after the creek that boarders the northern boundary of the spread.  We have 2000 acres and run cattle and my brother, Ty’s horses.

That’s a lot of land.  You must love the wide open spaces out there.  What’s your favorite spot on the ranch?

(Laughs)  I’ve got lots of favorite places on the ranch.  One of those is the hill to the west that looks down on the ranch house and barn.  You can see for miles from the ridge.  I guess that’s where I go to clear my head, so to speak.

So you raise cattle on the place.  Did you ever have another profession?

I traveled north to attend school when I turned twenty.  The Captain, my father was retired army and he saw no other way except for me to follow in his footsteps.  I went to West Point and joined the Army.  I’d made it to lieutenant when I mustered out.

I’m going to ask you something that is rather personal.  Do you have a weapon you use when it comes to seducing a woman?

(Drops his head and with raised eyebrows, scratches the bridge of his nose)  You weren’t kidding about the personal part.  Ah, lets see – a weapon I use to seduce a woman.  Well, I’ve been told I can kiss.  Women enjoy the way I kiss them, among other things. (winks)

Well, if you had to have a talent, I would consider kissing a good one to have.  Let me suggest a movie star you remind me of and we’ll see if you agree.  Here’s a pic of Gerald Butler.  What do you think?

Now, Catherine, I’m no judge of whether I look like this guy or not, but if you say so, it would be rude of me to argue, now wouldn’t it?  (grinning)

If you had to describe your personality, what words would you use?

You go right for the meat of the subject, don’t you?  (blows out a breath and smiles)  I’m hard to live with – at least that’s what Ty says.  I’m stubborn to a fault and determined when I make up my mind.  Being a man that enjoys wide open spaces, I’d have to say, I’m a man’s man.  I sweat and wear trail dust most of the time, so I’ve never been mistaken for a dandy, that’s for sure.  (chuckles)  I take care of what’s mine and protect those I care about.  I don’t apologize for the way I get things done, either.  A man has to earn my respect.  I’ll stop now, cause anymore and I’d be braggin’.  (grins)

Do you have a favorite or pet name for Celia?

That’s easy – Little One – her Comanche name her father gave her when she was born.  She out grew the name, but when I hold her, she reminds me of the first time I saw her near the creek.  I knew then, I’d make her mine.

How romantic, Seth.  You gave me goose bumps.  I appreciate you stopping by today and visiting with me.  Perhaps I can drop by the ranch soon and you and Celia can show me around.

I’d like that very much.

Now, I’d like to share a snippet of a passage from Comanche Haven in which Seth shows us what kind of man he really is and how he charmed Celia back into his arms.

Comanche Haven:

Before he realized what he was doing, he reached out and clasped the nape of her neck.  Feeling her start to pull back, Seth whispered, “Relax girl, I won’t hurt you.”  With his eyes on her lips, Seth hesitated briefly, searching for something – anything, which would let him know how she would react.  Then he reached up and took her mouth with his.  The hunger breaking free had nothing to do with sensibilities.  This time he coaxed her mouth to open and let him taste the sweetness of her tongue.  Seth’s pulse hummed as her lips gave warm and tender under his.  She opened for him like a flower and Seth tasted the warmth of her lips, which were pliant against his.  He groaned softly.  She tasted like honey and the line of her throat like cream heated by the sun.  He thoroughly explored the inside of her mouth and then the slender neckline she offered when her head lolled to the side on her own gentle moan.  Slowly he discovered every slick, wet curve of her mouth.  His teeth grazed her lips and tasted the salt of hunger in her response.  Did she want him as much as he wanted her right now?

Celia exhaled and her eyelids fluttered shut.

The hunger growing inside him knew only one end.  Long agile fingers sank deep into the silken strains of her hair as he levered himself up the side of the tub angling for a better hold on her warm skin.  Cupping her head in his big hand, he kissed her again.  This time it was with the fever of need.  A need he’d, long ago, locked away.


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