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Today I’m celebrating with Ally Thomas as she relaunches her paranormal fantasy series, The Vampire from Hell with the anniversary edition. She’s on my blog today promoting her latest release.

Join us at https://www.facebook.com/events/1412385912308392/ for the Release Party of the Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition), hosted by Chelsea Author Promotions. The party starts online at 6 pm (Eastern time) and lasts until 10 pm. At that time, Chelsea will share information about the Grand Prize you can enter to win. Ally will be adding a signed paperback copy of “The Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition)” and several of her author friends (including yours truly :D) will be donating swag/paperbacks from their collection of books. They are Alexandra Anthony, Catherine Wolffe, Sharon Hamilton, Trina M. Lee, and Kristen Middleton. (Click their name to view their Amazon Author page.) Special thanks to them all!

If you love vampires and werewolves, join Us!


From Ally: “It has been over a year since Part 3 – A Vampire on Vacation was published in July 2012.  Since then I have not released anything related to this series.  That’s a startling, and sobering fact, for me – even for my readers maybe– because for many months last year, I did not know if I’d return to writing this series.  I didn’t know if I’d keep writing at all.

With that being said, I have returned to the keyboard and will be releasing “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” next month on Oct. 20th. (Join the Facebook Release Party.)  I’m very excited to continue Rayea’s story, at least for three more installments, and I’m delighted to say that, for bad or worse, I’m past the first obstacle I encountered during my first year of writing.  And I’m not looking back.  It may not always be smooth sailing from now on, but that’s okay because I’ll keep sailing.  I’m hoping many of you will join me for the ride.”

Get Your Copy

Cover design by Ally Thomas.
Cover design by Ally Thomas.

Currently the Anniversary Edition is going live. You can view it at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon as an ebook and in paperback (coming soon).

At Smashwords, I’m offering the Anniversary edition at .99 through 9/23. Go tohttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/353435 and enter the code NK93D when you check out.

What’s in the Anniversary Edition?

It contains the first 3 installments plus character sketches, story insights, hints about upcoming parts, behind the scenes information, excerpts from new works including the upcoming 4th installment, The Vampire from Hell Returns.

Read An Excerpt

This excerpt features Ashton Taylor, the human actor Rayea (my vampire heroine) falls for. I based Ashton’s character on Aidan Turner. Enjoy! ~ally

Even though I recognized it, the voice surprised me and made me jerk, but I recovered quickly and hid my fangs.  As a sign of trust, I had given Ashton the key to my house.  It probably wasn’t the best idea I had had, but I rarely said no to those laughing brown eyes of his.

“Who’s home free?”

“Hey you, I didn’t see you standing there.  You scared me.”  Ignoring his question, I waltzed over to Ashton and gave him a hug.

“I was expecting you to be in bed.  I was going to surprise you.”  He kissed me along the left side of my neck.

“Oh really?” I giggled, knowing he wasn’t kidding.  Quickly I wiggled out of his grasp and turned on a few lamps.

“Would you like some tea?” I asked as I retreated to the kitchen.

Many would consider me the luckiest girl alive to have Ashton Taylor, the actor who played the vampire, Ron Maxwell in the popular TV show, Blood Realm standing in my living room.  He was tall, dark, handsome, and, at the same time, incredibly witty, sexy, and charming.

As he slipped off his trademark chocolate leather jacket and placed it on the glass coffee table, he flashed me one of his devastating smiles and snagged the latest issue of People magazine.  I admired his crisp white T-shirt and black jeans, realizing Ashton had no imperfections when it came to his body.  My new form of ‘Tayloring’ had become watching him lounge around my home when he wasn’t filming.  I enjoyed the way he intently read a script or magazine, how he tucked his hair behind his ears when he was nervous, or that sparkle in his eyes when he silently observed my movements, thinking I didn’t notice.  With my bloodlust and heightened sexual appetite, having him in my lair was a time bomb waiting to explode.  And I loved every minute of it.

“You’re not making tea, my love.  You’re making an ice pack for your head, aren’t you?  Do you find me that repulsive?” he asked.

“Don’t be silly,” I called out.  “I’ve just had a long day.”  Four months of dating and he knew a lot of things about me.  And yes, an ice pack did break my fever sometimes.  It helped me control my thirst.  It didn’t work every time, but tonight it was worth a shot until I heard his comment.  Instead I reached for a box of green tea, filled a cup with water from the sink, stuck my finger in it until it boiled, and dunked the tea bag in.  Being a vampire with pyrokinetic abilities had its perks.

Your last night on Earth?  And you don’t want this man?  His blood, his delicious, warm blood flowing down your throat?  Don’t be silly, love.”  The voice inside my head finally added in its two sense worth.

I swore under my breath.  “Shut up,” I growled at the voice.

From the time I had met Ashton at a bookstore near Chinatown, I had been one love sick kid.  He had paid for my copy of Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and we quickly discovered we had a lot of things in common, one being vampire fiction and folklore.  He enjoyed hearing my ideas about vampires and I loved sharing my ‘notions’ as I called them.  “You realize I’m just guessing here, but if I were a vampire, I would…”  That’s how I’d lead in with most conversations we would have about his character’s motivations.  Ashton made me feel like I was an expert on the subject, despite the fact that the more I learned about my being a vampire, the less I really felt like I knew.

Once I got to know Ashton, I realized he was just a person.  He didn’t want to be some Adonis sitting on a high pedestal.  He was fine with being a guy and hanging out with a few close friends at the bar.  He didn’t like his growing fame or being stalked by fans.  He was polite when he gave autographs, but he said it gave him the creeps to see how the women lusted after him.

I tried my best to not lust after him once I understood his feelings. 76554_523042787750388_2004891285_n

“They think I’m just a sex symbol, eye candy, you know?” he had said.  “I don’t want to be like that.  I want to be taken seriously as an actor.”

With all my concentration, I tried to focus on our conversation, those types of conversations.  Honestly, I tried.  But when he looked at me with those big brown eyes, I melted into a bumbling idiot, and I usually would just nod and smile at him, mentally reliving our last night of love making.  Obviously I had no idea why being that hot was a problem for him.  He was a vision.  Lynn privately referred to him as ‘sex on a stick incarnate.’ Even though I’d never share that label with him, it was true.

When Ashton finally agreed to give Lynn permission to run his fan club, he won us both over.  Lynn knew I was taken with him, but she agreed with me.  “He’s a sweet down-to-Earth guy.  Not at all like what I thought he’d be.  His character is so different on the show,” she had said.

“He’s not a ruthless vampire in real life, is he?” I had teased her, knowing that her image of who the actor played and who the actor really was had been destroyed forever for her.  Lynn had always wanted to meet Ron, the vampire, not Ashton, the actor.  I knew she was disappointed, but she did a good job getting past it.  As it was, she enjoyed managing his fan site and had impressed Ashton with her marketing strategies that had increased the site’s popularity while also impressing our other online friends with being the first to post the latest pics of Ashton ‘around town.’

Recalling Blick’s comments about Ashton continued to haunt me.  We had argued a month or so ago about him, and then his email that he had sent, it was dead-on.  I couldn’t help myself and I certainly couldn’t resist temptation.  Ashton was the ultimate temptation for me.  Blick had said he was my kryptonite, and I hated to admit it.

About Ally Thomas

When I’m not running the AS Fan Blog or skarsgarding, I spend time writing fiction. I actually created a vampire angel character based on Alexander Skarsagrd. His name is Michael and he’s in Part 2 of my series, the Vampire from Hell (which is available as a free download)Part2_AllyThomas_sm

I’m an avid reader of fantasy and paranormal romance novels. I like writing about vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any fuzzy monsters who go bump in the night. In my stories, I try to imagine new origins for these traditional creatures and see where it takes me.  Currently I’m writing the Vampire from Hell series. Learn more at “My Books” at www.allythomas.com or www.thevampirefromhell.com


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