Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop with Wolfen Secrets

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Welcome to the Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop!

October 29 – November 3

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate our favorite hot paranormal romance heroes and share them with others like you. With that in mind, we are hopping for Halloween and celebrating everything sexy about our Hot Heroes! They may be vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, gods and goddesses or any number of sexy shifters or other hot paranormal creatures.

Special thanks to Felicity Heaton and Indie Romance Books for hosting this blog hop!

What makes a hero lovable?  We’re asking that question in Felicity Heaton’s Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Blog Hop.  Does a hero have to be strong, blatantly male, no inhibitions, no apologies, or a diamond in the ruff to be sexy?  Describe your hot Halloween hero in a comment here and you’ll be eligible for the drawing of an ebook copy of Wolfen Secrets, the third book in the series, The Western Werewolf Legend.  Join us for the hop which includes over 120 blogs, all with something to share on the subject of hot Halloween heroes.  Click the Blog Hop pic above for a complete list of blog sites to visit. Also, click the cover of Wolfen Secrets, The Western Werewolf Legend series listed below for the Amazon link to  it and all my books.

Now check out the steamy excerpt from Wolfen Secrets:

With fangs bared, Ty’s wolf used his superior strength to shove forward, ramming the vampire into the railing.  Landing atop the bloodsucker, he wrapped hairy paws around its neck.  “I’ll have the satisfaction of killing you,” he growled.  The vampire was strong.  Using all his wiles, he fought back.  Ty could sense the attempt to hypnotize him.  He threw his wolfen guard up as the lecherous bastard attempted again.  “Ha!  You must think me an idiot, vampire.  I know all about your magic tricks.”  Levering the vampire sideways, Ty managed a roll.  Soon the vampire found himself pinned under the dark, hairy wolf.  “How does it feel to be bested?”

Spit shot from the fowl vermin’s mouth, hitting Ty’s wolf mid-snout.  “That’ll get you a fine room at the inn here, you sick bastard.  I’ll make sure we find you the cream of the crop in accommodations during your stay.”  Ty hauled the vampire up by his collar, holding the vermin tight.

Suddenly, Sonja came rushing out.  “Let him go, Ty!”

Disbelief actually formed on his wolf’s face.  “You want me to let him go?  This is one less we’ll have to worry about.”

She shifted almost as smoothly as he dropped his pants before getting into bed.  “Yes, I’ll take it from here.”  With the statement, she wheeled, sending out a ferocious kick to the vampire’s head.  His senses lost, the creature fell to the balcony floor with such force as to go tumbling through.  Jeb was ready for him.

“I had this under control,” Ty growled.  His nostrils flaring, he pawed the wood, leaving claw marks in his wake.

Fire shot from her eyes as she shifted back into a woman, clutching her arms across her privates.  “Yes, they came because of me, though!  They’re my responsibility to end.”  Shivering, she glanced about.  “Where’s Smitty?”

“How the hell should I know?”  Ty’s next words weren’t ones he wanted to share aloud.  He concentrated on shifting, instead.  With one last snarl in her direction, he left Sonja to join Jeb on the street.  “Thank you, general.”

“My pleasure, Lieutenant.”

Ty’s brow wrinkled in a study of perplexed scrutiny of the major general.

“What, you wondering how it is I would end one of my own?”  Jeb’s laugh was like broken glass.  “It’s easy, actually.  I still care.  They’ve lost the last of their humanity, Lieutenant.”

Jeb’s rational was good enough for Ty.  Giving the major general a pat on the back, he lifted his eyes to gaze into Sonja’s hypnotic gold ones glowering at him from the balcony.  “All’s well.  Go back to bed.  I’ll be there soon.”

She didn’t utter a sound, simply turned, disappearing from view.

Jeb followed Ty’s gaze with narrowed eyes.  “Your woman is upset with you.  Why?”

Ty’s laugh contained shards of glass.  “I took matters into my own hands.”  He flicked a glance at his companion.  “Apparently, it wasn’t something she wanted me to do.”

“Well, apparently, you’ve got some explaining to do.  Win her over to your way of thinking, Lieutenant.  I wager you’re up to the task.”  Jeb grinned into the moon light, his teeth gleaming against the darkness.

“You wager, eh?”  Ty rolled his eyes.  “I may be a fool, but I’m going to take your bet.”  With an easier grin on his face, he offered Jeb his hand.  “Meet me down at the docks tomorrow before the sun rises.”

“I’ll be there after the sun rises.  You forget I have wolf blood in me, as well.”  The general smile was wry.

Ty nodded, his smile accepting of the general’s words.  “When the rooster crows, I’ll meet you to explain the rest of my plan, General.”  Turning to leave, he called over his shoulder, “I appreciate your help tonight.”

The general had lit another smoke.  With the cheroot between his fingers, he examined the smoke rising idly from the tobacco.  “Think nothing of it, Lieutenant.  We’re all in this damn war together.”


She rolled to face him as he entered the room.  “How dare you plan an attack without me.”

“You were listening.  How convenient.”  Sarcasm dripped from his statement.  Ty moved around the bed to sit on her side.  He reached out, giving the cover a tug.  She held fast.  He pulled harder.  “Since you’re so good at listening, hear this.  I won’t be put in a position like tonight’s again.  Do I make myself clear?”  His eyes narrowed on her as she glared back.  “I want what’s best for you, Sonja.”  She turned away.  He reached out, yanking her chin back.  “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.”  Pausing, Ty tried again.  “I’m a full grown man with enough sense to take care of what’s mine.”  He took her face in his hands.  She resisted.  He merely tightened his hold.  “Don’t.  Don’t fight me on this.  You’ll only lose.  I want you to understand something.  I’m grateful to you for saving me.  I’ll always be in your debt.  Without you to save me, without your blood to heal me, I would have surely died.”  He gentled his grip, tracing her cheek with the tip of one slim finger.  “As a man and a former lieutenant in the Confederate Army, I am quite capable, no, able, to take care of myself and what’s mine.”  He pointed a finger at her right under her pert nose.  “You, my dear, are mine.  I had the situation under control.  The next time you interfere, I’ll take you over my knee.”  With the last words, her eyes grew big as he lowered his mouth to capture hers.  She beat against his chest, pushing, groaning when he wouldn’t release her.  Ty held firm.  Crushing his mouth to hers, he captured her lips in an unrelenting assault.  The kiss began as possession as he forced his demand on her with his lips and tongue.  Soon, the moist heat of her mouth against his, led Ty to gentle the kiss.  He sucked her bottom lip and groaned when she shuttered.  Growling soft and low in his throat, he dragged his mouth away.  The heat of her soft breath coaxed him to return as his tongue entwined with hers.  Her fingers urgently racing through his hair set his nerve endings on fire.  She wrapped her arms around him as another soft moan left her lips.  He explored her breasts, her stomach, finally finding the spot he sought in her tight, hot heat.  “So much woman.  I can’t stop thinking about sliding between your legs to feel you wrap around me.”  He eased back, drinking in her beauty.  The need surged up, catapulting him higher.  “Nymph, you understand me well.  You know a kill stirs my juices, makes me crave what’s mine.”  He growled, a low feral sound, as he buried his head in her soft woman’s flesh.

“Me too,” she whispered.  “Will you make love to me, Ty?”  She arched with his touch.  “I need you so badly.”

Running his tongue along the inside of her silken thigh, Ty moaned deep in his throat.  Her skin was as baby-soft as he remembered.  The scent of her called to him.  He leaned in, stirring her arousal.  The tender stroke of his tongue sent shivers rippling through her flesh.  She moaned as she reached for him.  Lacing fingers with hers, he rose up, gazing into her face.  A sweet yearning showed in her eyes, his woman, his heart.  “You’re beautiful like this.”  The need to speak the words rose unbidden.  “I love you, Nymph.  I always will.  You’re the one.  The one I’ve searched for.”  He shook his head only inches form her face.  “Don’t shut me out.”

She furrowed her brow.  “I’d never do that.”

“You have.  You don’t realize the fact, but you’re trying to do that.  I’m your mate, your equal.  Yet, you try to protect me as if I were unable to stand for myself.  A man can’t deal with such a situation.  Let me be a man.”

She searched his face.  Her eyes soon filled with tears.  “I’m sorry.  I had no idea.”  Brushing at the moisture, Sonja blinked, before shaking her head in denial.  ‘I only wanted to protect you.”

“I know and appreciate your concern.  I can take care of myself.”  He dipped his head to touch her lips with his.

“Um, Nymph, I dream of nothing else except being with you.  You’re my partner, my soul mate, my heart.”

“Shh, come here and love me.”  Her fingers threaded in his hair as she tugged him closer.  A soft nip of his lip before her tongue plunged deep into his mouth.  Tracing a path of abandonment, Sonja suckled his tongue in unison with the arch of her hips to meet his.  Each thrust, each tug of her teeth, was sweet torture to his arousal.  Her kiss spilled through his soul.


Cover Design by Ally Thomas
Cover Design by Ally Thomas

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Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.
Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.

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