Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop with Wolfen Secrets

Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.
Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.

What makes a hero lovable?  We’re asking that question in Felicity Heaton’s Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Blog Hop.  Does a hero have to be strong, blatantly male, no inhibitions, no apologies, or a diamond in the ruff to be sexy?  Describe your hot Halloween hero in a comment here and you’ll be eligible for the drawing of an ebook copy of Wolfen Secrets, the third book in the series, The Western Werewolf Legend.  Join us for the hop which includes over 120 blogs, all with something to share on the subject of hot Halloween heroes.  Click the Blog Hop pic above for a complete list of blog sites to visit. Also, click the cover of Wolfen Secrets, The Western Werewolf Legend series listed below for the Amazon link to  it and all my books.

Now check out the steamy excerpt from Wolfen Secrets:

The fire sprang up unexpected.  A lone, extended note of pain erupted from somewhere in the haze of smoke and flames.  Ty’s anxious search of the smoldering blaze didn’t go unnoticed.

“She’ll be all right, Lieutenant.”

Ty whipped around to glare into the eyes of the Guardian.  “How in the bloody hell can you be sure?  You stand here in the safety of the cool glade, while Sonja is out there in the flames somewhere searching for a lost child.”  Unable to stand in the wolf god’s presence any longer, Ty huffed out a breath before wheeling away to stare at the flames once more.  “Your audacity astounds me.”  He whipped back around, punching out a finger in the direction of the flames.  “I want you to tell me she is here with me, you overgrown bag of bones, not “she is all right”.”  He wheeled from the Guardian toward the fire again.  Sparks burned his eyes.  The change to a werewolf came on him like a refuge for his anger.  He embraced the shift.  With the glow of a shifter’s essence still fresh on his wolf’s coat, Ty growled low, leaping into the firestorm, leaving the Guardian standing there.

He could hear the fire moan as another gust of wind fed the blaze.  Hortence’s voice came to him on the wind-swept smoke.  In his mind’s eye, she appeared next to the Guardian.  Now, she showed up.  Unbelievable!

“He seeks his mate.”  Hortence’s words rang flat.

“Yes, he is having a hard time with the responsibilities she faces.  His nature is to protect a woman.  This woman is different,” the Guardian added.

Hortence nodded absently at the flames.  A great ball of fire erupted, spewing sparks into the darkness.  “He will find his way.  Compromise is the great mediator.”

Guardian flicked a glance her way.  “Sonja was correct.  You are full of riddles and conundrums, Witch.”

The old woman glared in return at the great hulking beast.  “And you smell.  What’s your point, wolf god?”  Without waiting for an answer, she turned to go.  “Soon, you’ll have your hands full.”  She flung the jab over her shoulder as she walked away.  “I’ll be taking my leave of this place now, along with its company.”

How’d the two ever get anything done?  Arguing was their only means of communication.  Still Ty remembered the Guardian’s words.  Was it true?  Sonja would have to face the demons on her own.  Surely not – they were wolf mates.  If anything, he’d be the one to face the bastards, not her.

She was in the damn fire alone, right now.  Struggling with something akin to panic, Ty swore low, before scanning the flames again.  Where was she?  Suddenly, the ground trembled as a great fireball erupted into the sky.  Searing heat washed over him in waves.  The fire was getting worse.  He had to find her!  Noting the girth and depth of the inferno, Ty sprinted forward.  The fire breathed as a living thing.  The flames continued to consume everything in their path.  “Sonja!  Where are you?”  No reply!  A sensation of helplessness washed over him, promising to engulf him in its grip if he wasn’t careful.

Stumbling, he covered his muzzle with his paw.  The smoke choked the oxygen out of the air, making it hard to breathe, not to mention think.  Something akin to terror gripped his chest.  Recalling the night she’d been bitten by her undead husband, Robert, he had to fight the notion she may be lost.  “Sonja!”  Ty’s howl echoed in the thick smoke.  No answer!  His chest tightened again as his vision raced in every direction at once.  “Sonja!”

Suddenly up ahead came a whimper.  His keen ears went on alert.

The fire moaned and yawed with another gust of wind.  The flames shifted toward him.  The whimpering stopped.  Scanning a few feet ahead, Ty bent low on all fours, forcing his way through with the fire licking at his fur.  He kept going.  Scorched and singed, he paid no attention as he struggled to clear the downed timber and burning treetops.  There she was, a smoldering figure staggering toward him.  Her fur, matted and burned in places, resembled a half-charred piece of white paper someone had crumpled before throwing into the flames.  Yet she lived.  Blinking, Sonja’s werewolf stared blankly up at her mate.  Those golden eyes of hers bore misery mingled with defeat.  She belched a plume of smoke from her muzzle.

“She’s gone.”  With those two words, she slumped against him.  The retched ache of her mind’s words wrapped around his heart and squeezed.

Still his mind cried out with relief.  Ty’s one and only wolf had made it back to him.  She reeked of smoke, yet she lived.  Gone was the pristine white of her mane, in its place a molten gray and black body swayed precariously in front of him.  He noted the large raw patches of scorched flesh and oozing wounds scattered along her back.  Still, she lived.  He gathered her in his front paws, licking her muzzle.  “Don’t do this to yourself, Nymph.”  His wolf’s mind tried to comfort.  The nudge he gave her with his snout didn’t rouse her from her misery.  “Were it in my power, I’d take this from you.  I’d make everything right.  You should expect nothing more when dealing with the vampires.  For all we know, this was a vision, like another of your hellish dreams.  Take heart in the fact, you gave it your best shot.”  Ty’s limited connection to her grieved him almost as much as the sadness in her eyes.  “Come, let’s get you back.  You’re injured.”  He ran a paw over the gash in her hind leg.  “A major part of my loving you lies in your courage, Nymph.  I’d never question your attempt at saving a life.”

With that, Ty nudged her neck, licking at the wound in her leg.  The attention was enough to rouse Sonja.  It was time to leave.  The portal was in sight.  She stumbled toward the light


Cover Design by Ally Thomas
Cover Design by Ally Thomas
Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.
Click the image to view all the authors in this blog hop.

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7 thoughts on “Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop with Wolfen Secrets”

  1. Hot heroes, indeed! Hopping off to a cold shower now ;}

    In all honesty, Catherine, I’m very happy to have found you through Coffin Hop this year – this has added quite a bit of reading (that I certainly won’t mind) to my ever evolving list! Thank you for participating, and for the opportunity to experience some of your gorgeously written work!

    ~ Nina 🙂

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