New Book Trailer for Blood & Magic

J.T. Leighton, ex-SEAL and vampire is the newest member of Shadow Company. When Jessie Colter, his former lover shows up out of the blue needing their brand of assistance, he can’t resist her. Keeping his true identity a secret from her proves harder than he imagined. The Sultan kidnapped Jesse’s parents, and J.T. risks his dead life to help her get them back.

His life is over – literally.  J.T. is a vampire, and while he will live forever, he will never again know the affection of Jessie Colter.  Her appearance in Cheniere Station is all the more difficult for J.T. because of the danger she is in and his inability to help.  Finding the demon who stalks her will throw them together in a most agonizing position.

What future can these two have?  Will they find solace in the fight to rid the world of the Sultan or will the attraction between them become too much to face?

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