Waking Up Dead Now in Paperback & Giveaway

Available at Amazon! Click the image to learn more.
Available at Amazon! Click the image to learn more.

I thrilled to share the news today.  Waking Up Dead is live in paperback at Amazon and the book is on sale!  In celebration of the event, I’m sharing a excerpt from the second installment of the Western Werewolf Legend series.


Enjoy and leave your comments below for a chance at your own copy of the book.  I’ll choose one lucky winner to receive Waking Up Dead in paperback.  Thanks again for your wonderful response to the book and please go to Amazon or the dealer you bought the book from to leave a review.  They are so important to the author.  Have a wonderful Saturday and don’t forget to comment to be in the drawing!

Read an Excerpt

Convening near the glade Ty had rescued Sonja from the first night she’d experienced the change, the small band of ragtag refugees huddled close to listen to plans for the next day.  Each man among them had long ago relinquished dreams of the future.  None among them held any far-flung notions of tomorrow.  No, there was only survival and each minute a precious reminder of how quickly their fates could change.

Understanding Ty’s hatred of the Yankees and how hard it was to contain his fury, Sonja said little.  As she thought of all the south had suffered at the hands of these bastards, a kindred spirit emerged regarding their plight.  Unable to justify even the human Yankees position, she had no intention of letting him die for her.  Though the sparks flew whenever the subject was brought up, she secretly vowed she’d leave before she let that happen.

Sonja waited until the briefing ended to separate herself from the men and clean up.  Having the stench of vampires lingering on her skin and in her nostrils warranted a bath.  With Hortence standing guard, she stripped down and waded into the stream.  More bruising and discoloration had disappeared, she noted.  Still stiff from the battle, she sank into the water.  Chilly, though it was, she revealed in the pleasure of a few moments to relax.  Her nerves, so frayed from the battle as well as finding and rescuing Ty, began to unknot.  Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to wander a bit.  A dream, which had haunted her sleep the last few days, came back to her in great detail.  Awake, she began to go through the images forming before her.

In the dream, Sonja and Ty battled the vampires back yet again.  This time, the bloodsuckers appeared in uncountable numbers.  Somehow separated each battled the Yankees on their own.  The demons advanced toward her in a surge of insurmountable proportion.  Ty’s growl of fury echoed in her mind as she lashed out at the oncoming demons.  Fear poured through her when she heard his cry for help.  Being only two against so many, she worried for his safety even with the gift of superior power.  She couldn’t reach him!

Suddenly, an almost discernible ripple in the water had Sonja’s eyes opening and a soft gasp leaving her lips.  Ty’s hands surrounded her waist in the water, pulling her close.  He stood beside her naked and aroused against her stomach.  The delirious sensation of desire warmed her as he made sure their bodies came together making her aware of him all along her length.  His pride swelled with their combined heat and she moaned aloud with pleasure.  “You certainly know how to make an entrance, Lieutenant.”

He grinned that wolfish grin of his, which had every nerve in her body going on high alert.  Her attraction to this man could not be denied, nor could she deny how much she cared for him and wanted desperately to protect him.  Even if his male pride wouldn’t recognize her efforts.  After making love at night, Sonja would lie awake as her exhausted brain tried desperately to devise a way to keep him safe.  He may have feelings for her, but this mess wasn’t of his making.  He didn’t deserve to endure the hardships dumped upon him.

Ty lowered his head and captured her lips bringing her attentions back to focus on the man.

“My woman is thinking again, I see.”  He nipped her bottom lip before switching his attentions to her earlobe followed by the tender skin along her neck.

“Of late, I think a lot.  Still, I can’t find the answers.”  She dropped her head back as his tongue lingered near her collarbone.  His teeth found the taste of her enticing.  Before she could object, he’d taken her mouth again in a kiss more forceful than the first.  Scorching her with its intensity, branding her with its fire, the kiss drove Sonja to simply stand, unable to move in the sizzling heat of his embrace.

“You needed worry about answers.  They will come.”  Ty’s breath, warm and moist on her skin shoved rational thoughts to the back of the line as he traced the swell of one wet breast to the taut peak.  The sensation of his mouth on her flesh, nursing her nipple tugged at her coherency.  Soon the pull on her womb from his attentions brought a creamy warmth to pool between her legs.  Lax with desire, Sonja held on with everything she had left.  “Have you finished your bath, my lady?”

The question seemed rhetorical to Sonja.  “If I wasn’t  would it matter?” she chided.  Wanting to prick his conscience, she ran a slip, damp finger along the bridge of his perfectly straight Choctaw nose.  “You sir aren’t behaving like a gentleman.  What’s a poor defenseless girl to do?”

“Well, since you ask, I can think of a thing or two she could do.”  Without another word, he scooped her up and sloshed out of the water.  Sonja considered he would deposit her on the bank and allow her to get dressed.

She was wrong.  Instead, Ty carried her further from the water’s edge before gently laying her back on a blanket she hadn’t realized was there.  On the cover of a great old oak tree, he stretched out beside her and used his shirt to dry her limbs before throwing the voluminous dress she had taken off over them both as protection from anyone who should happen upon them.

Her body hummed with anticipation as he ran his long, lean hand slowly down her slight curves to the crisp hair of her mound.  Unable to take her eyes off his profile, Sonja’s breath caught in a surge of yearning so abrupt and intense it felt like pain.

“Ah, my woman wants me, I wager.  You’ve missed me while I was gone?”  His voice had gone low with desire.  Slipping two fingers inside the heat of her need, Ty stroked steadily.

Sonja could have floated on such a whisper-thin cloud of sensation forever.  No one had ever made her feel like this man did.  Certainly not her first husband, Robert, rest his dead soul.  Sex had been merely a means to an end with him, nothing to compare to this dissent into paradise with Ty.

“Tell me, Sonja, did you miss me?  I want to hear the words.”  The thinly veiled passion in his eyes stirred her longing to new heights as he worked a third finger inside her.  Sonja felt her muscles tighten as desire warmed her to the core.

“Yes, I missed you so much.”  Reaching up, she sank her hand into his long dark hair, which was still damp from the stream.  “Please, Ty.  I want you inside me.”

“Soon, Sonja, soon.  But first, I want to taste you.  I want to capture your need and drink you in like wine.”  His mouth grazed her nipple as his fingers continued their onslaught.

Sonja arched with the contact of his mouth on her breast.  The tug of his mouth sent her spiraling down into a world where only need and desire reigned supreme.  Any other thoughts vanished into oblivion.

Grazing his jaw against her stomach as he traveled lower, he growled low in his throat.  “Um, this is what a man wants to come home to.”  Parting her legs, he slid between her thighs.  With hot, whispers of breath, he feathered his mouth along the silken skin in a path to her core.

Sonja arched with a groan from deep inside her depths.  This man wanted her like she could never have imagined and she would give herself to him completely.  No question of holding back surfaced in the assault on her senses.  He was her mate and she would give herself freely to him now and forever.

With a sound akin to a howl, Ty rose up and thrust himself inside Sonja, burying himself to the hilt.  Slowly at first, he moved, setting a steady pace.  His thrusts spoke of procession as he captured her eyes with desire lighting his.  Forcefully he plunged again and again as he rode the wave of passion’s fury.

It was like looking into his soul for Sonja.  Her hunger for him drove her on.  Furthering the fever of her need with the exhilaration of seeing his so ripe and ample.  With release upon him, he forced his head back and growled at the moon overhead as he filled her with his seed.

In the quiet of love’s aftermath, Sonja stroked the lines of her lover’s muscled chest.  His slow, steady breathing spoke of contentment.  Marveling at the complete sensation of fulfillment, Sonja rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes in the twilight of their mating.  What will we do now, Ty?”  Her question came from the pent up emotions she kept under lock and key.  No real purpose in them, except to plan for the morrow.  She felt his attention shift from the groggy state of semi-consciousness to fully awake and with him spooned behind her, his mind wasn’t the only thing fully awake.

“We’ll make plans to leave tomorrow,” he said.

She sighed and a small smile crept over her face.  So glad to be leaving the dreaded area, which she’d called home only a little over a week before.  Now the mention of the area put her on high alert.

Ty let his hands roam freely over her with backside, molding his hands to her behind.  “I needed to do this.  You understand, Sonja.”

He seldom used her proper name, choosing to call her by his pet name instead.  Where he’d gotten ‘Nymph’ from she couldn’t be sure.  Still, the endearment warmed her like the man did.  His breath was on her neck, as he tasted her nape, lingering over her shoulder to enjoy the sweet flavor he assured her only she processed.  The warmth of his attentions urged her to forget all the troubles, which never left her conscious person.  In this man’s arms, she enjoyed sex like never before.  His readiness to please her, his stamina and above all, his inherent talent for giving her exactly what she needed made Tyler Loflin unique among men.  He’d called her his woman and she couldn’t think of him in any other frame but her man.  Hortence and the Guardian referred to him as her mate.  The term agreed with her despite its relationship to her being a werewolf, to both of them being werewolves.

Ty nudged closer to her bottom, giving her cheek a good rub with his arousal.  Hard as granite, he plied her for what they both wanted, which was more.  Finding it impossible to get enough of each other, soon, Sonja knew she would find herself with child.  The thought didn’t alarm her as it had before.  No, in fact, having Tyler’s baby was something she daydreamed.  A gush of feminine awareness brought her back as his magical hands followed a familiar path between her legs.  The distinct warmth flooding the area between her legs didn’t ebb though she attempted to concentrate on something else.

It was as if a primitive force inside him demanded he reach for her.  Somehow, she recognized the call.  Sonja turned to him and nuzzled the warm skin along the strong column of his neck.  There his heart beat strong and solid against her lips.  With one hand on his chest and the other fisted in his long mane of dark hair, she moved in capturing his bottom lip, giving him a hard nip.  With the taste of her still on his mouth, the kiss managed to arouse and tantalize her further.  The call grew stronger.  Wanton need swelled in them both.  The flames of passion fanned out and caught them up in the fireball.  While the stars sparkled overhead and the old oak sheltered the two, Ty and Sonja succumbed to the desire burning beyond their control.


Desire Goes Free (Free ebook Available)

Randi Fang

My ebook, Desire is now FREE on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. I thought today I’d share an excerpt with you and give you the download links. Have a great Saturday, everyone! ~randi

About Desire

Desire (Erotic Vampire Confessions #1) begins as she explores this subject with her first vampire to interview, a fan of the fang whom Randi calls simply Rose. “Desire” is 8,100 words.

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Steamy Saturday Share

Steamy Saturday Share.  The response to Waking Up Dead has been great.  Thank you so much for your comments and praise.   I wanted to share another excerpt.  Enjoy!

Today’s teaser is a portion of Ty’s admission from The Lady in the Mist. He wrestles with his doubt, never dreaming Sonja harbors some of the same feelings. His lineage and military background are septic to most people of the North, but not Sonja.423007_508741209144084_1457794644_nSonja shoved against him, protesting weakly to be free.  “Wait…”  He continued his attack.  Soon she ceased to struggle.  Instead, she laced her arms around his neck, her fingers running up into his hair, before fisting in the strands.  The kiss shifted before turning ardent and tender.  Ty sensed the need she harbored in the way she molded her firm breasts to him.  Her breath came out in a whisper when he released her mouth.  He yearned to be able to cherish the woman he held in his arms, but he was reminded of who he was.
“I’m the enemy as well.”  Ty hated to admit the truth aloud but he had to put all his cards on the table.
She sniffed rubbing a hand under her nose.  “Why because you’re a Rebel soldier or a half-breed?”
“Most places I go, the sentiment is the same.”  He shook his head.  “You deserve better.  You have to understand I’ve been alone for so long, the pain doesn’t concern me anymore.  But you have your whole life ahead of you.  You deserve better than the existence you’d have with me.”  He gathered her closer until he could feel her blood beneath her skin.  “You have no idea how badly I want you.  It’s as if a piece of me dies each time I look at you and know I can’t be the man for you.”
“Why do you say I have my whole life ahead of me?  You don’t know me, Ty.  I’m not the beautiful, pristine woman you take me for.”
His hands ached to reach out sinking his fingers into her long mane.  She’d used his given name for the first time.  His soul ached for her as he stood there in her bedroom with the air fairly burning around them.  He had found his mate.  All the years of loneliness ebbed away.  The pain of being an outcast dissolved in her hold.  The desire to know this woman intimately spiraled out of control.  Shoved at the confines of reality, he hacked out a small piece of bliss right there in her arms.
Burying his head in the curls at her neck, Ty gave in to the need to put his hunger into words.  “Christ, Sonja.  Never say you aren’t perfect, lovely and all the things a woman should be.  You’re wonderful.”  He leaned back to look in her tawny eyes.  The heat in them could melt all his troubles away, Ty mused.  Tapping a fist on his chest, he furrowed his brow.  “I’m to blame, I can’t help myself.  I shouldn’t even be asking this, but I want you so bad.  Let me lie with you, if only for the night.”  Ty grazed her nape with his teeth, the sensation running through him. She tasted of honeysuckle.
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt, if so let me know in a comment below.  I have a lovely, signed Waking Up Dead bookmark for those who would leave a review on Amazon for either of the books in the Western Werewolf Legend series.  Remember, Waking Up Dead will be out soon in paperback.  Thanks for dropping by.
Books by Catherine Wolffe

Books by Catherine Wolffe

Signed Giveaway – The Lady in the Mist or Comanche Haven in Paperback

In celebration of the release of Waking Up Dead, The Western Werewolf Legend series # 2I’m giving away an autographed copy of either the first book in the Western Werewolf Legend series, The Lady in the Mist or Comanche Haven. 


Entering is easy. Leave a comment about why you want the book of your choice and your email address.   I’ll pick a winner at random and reveal the winner when the paperback version of Waking Up Dead is available later this month.  Remember, leave a comment and your email address and you could win!

Comanche_Haven  2_2012_500_700

The Jeep Diva’s Review

The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend #1 has received a four star review from the Jeep Diva! I’m thrilled and humbled by Rachel’s kind words about the story line. Since many of you know that the second book in the series, Waking Up Dead will be coming out any day now, I wanted to share the review and give you a chance to read the free sample available at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.



Check out a free sample of the complete book at this line:

The Lady in the Mist – Sample  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008KFPB7Y


Review: Lady in the Mist by Catherine Wolffe
by Rachel

The Lady in the Mist (The Western Werewolf Legend #1)

By: Catherine Wolffe

Ebook: 109 pages

Publisher: Self-Published


Source: Author for an honest review

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Western Werewolf Legend #1

Stars: 4

Flames: 2


The Civil War took Sonja Brooks’ husband and left her alone. Unprotected and scared, she runs headlong into a life changing event when she’s attacked by a pack of wolves. Her fate as a werewolf is sealed. When she stumbles upon Ty Loflin, a Rebel solider dying of his wounds, she nurses him back to health. He’s the perfect mate, but will he want her once he knows the truth?

In Book 1 of this new series by Award-winning author Catherine Wolffe, the Western Werewolf Legend weaves a new blend of western romance with paranormal elements involving werewolves and vampires.


This was a very enjoyable werewolf story even though there are vampires in it. It takes place during the Civil War and it makes for an interesting setting. Of course vampires are the enemy of the werewolves. This story was a really good introduction to the series and I can’t wait to read the next one.

The two main characters struggle to come to terms with everything going on and the changes taking place in both of them. Ty seems like the perfect man to be Sonja’s mate. Sonja did seem a little annoying to me a few times with her reluctance to tell Ty the truth and then running from him when he changes. However it all worked out in the end. The Guardian in this story is a little bit of a mystery. I am not sure if he is a god or maybe father of the werewolves or what. I like the mystery of it though. The witch in the story is helping Sonja along the way and plays a big part in this story too.

In this story the vampires are not the hot romantic men of the paranormal romance novels. They are vicious, blood sucking, scheming, killing machines but I think the wolves can take them. I normally prefer vampires to werewolves but in this story I am definitely all about the werewolves.

This book was short. You would be able to read it in a couple sittings but it is worth the time to read it and I am awaiting the sequel to see what happens next and where Ty and Sonja go.

Rachel | April 19, 2013 at 12:30 am | Tags: Review | Categories: 2 Flames, 4 stars, Catherine Wolffe, Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend | URL: http://wp.me/p2H8J8-1FA
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Good Morning!

Hopefully the weather is getting better in your part of the world and Monday is a good day with sunshine and warmth.  Spring is here in the deep south.  The flowers are blooming, the pollen is floating and the birds are singing.  Sorry about the pollen, those are the facts, though.  We are expecting warm weather today, perfect for mowing the grass which is already growing like crazy.

What I’d like to share with you today is another excerpt from The Lady in the Mist.  With the release of Waking Up Dead in less than two weeks, I wanted to give you another peek into the world of Sonja and Tyler.  Becoming a werewolf is hard enough.  Compound that with falling in love and you have pretty good idea of the delima Sonja faces.  Ty has his own set of problems with his military responsibilities and changes happening that he doesn’t understand.

Here’s a small excerpt:

Sonja woke with a start.  Her gasp came out short.  The sheet clung to her clammy body but she didn’t acknowledge either.  Blinking back tears, she wiped at her cheeks.  It was the dream— that had brought her to the brink of despair.  Ty slept beside her, a man well sated.  A tender smile trembled across her mouth as she leaned over.  The dark strains of hair covering his eyes made her wish for a different time, a different place for this to happen to them. She brushed Ty’s hair from his eyes.  The chiseled planes of his face stood out in stark relief against the white of the pillow.  How perfect he was.  With her arms wrapped about herself, Sonja pondered this man the fates had sent her.  The pleasure of watching him sleep took some of the pain of the dream from her.  She didn’t want to think about him leaving, though he surely must go.  The pain would be too much to bear, she mused.  She wanted him like her next breath.  What would she do?  Surely, things wouldn’t turn out as bad as she’d envisioned.  With the old witch’s potion, she would get him to sleep through the full moon.  Hopefully, with some luck they’d both make it through her becoming a werewolf.


I’ll be sharing a new steamy free sample of The Lady in the Mist soon on Amazon and Smashwords.  Be on the lookout for that announcement in the coming days.  Thanks for stopping by.

A New Start – The Lady in the Mist – Now in Paperback

Books by Catherine Wolffe
Books by Catherine Wolffe

Spring is always a good time of the year to slow down and reflect on the simple joys around us.  We may have to look closely and dig through some pollen to get to those joys, yet they are there if we will only open our eyes to their magnificence.  The sky turns a warmer blue and the birds sing their happy songs.  The earth begins to emerge in Mother Nature’s magnificent glory.  We start to hope for better days and the future looks brighter simply because the sun shines a bit more.  The snow melts to expose the treasures of fledgling plants surging toward new life.  Showers fill the creeks and feed the vegetation in promise of a greener earth.

I chose this time of the year to share my book with readers.  The Lady in the Mist is the the first offering in The Western Werewolf Legend series.  With Waking up Dead’s ebook release at the end of the month, I wanted to give the readers a chance to hold The Lady in their hands.  If they like, an autographed copy is available from me.  Contact me at catherinewolffe@gmail.com or you can pm me at https://www.facebook.com/AwardWinningAuthorCatherineWolffe for the price and details.  Nothing means more to me than hearing from those who read my work and enjoy the story.  Please drop me a line and share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.

I considered the release of Waking up Dead for April because of the parallel of a new start to go along with the story line of the book.   Ty and Sonja are in search of such a new beginning and their journey starts with the closing of a chapter.  The world they knew so well has become a dangerous place.  They have to flee.  The trip is made more dangerous with the added responsibility of protecting those they care about.  Here’s an excerpt between Sonja and her sister as they leave the familiar for the unknown.  I hope you enjoy reading the excerpt as much as I enjoy bringing this portion of their story to you.


Sonja allowed the mule-team to have their head.  The trail was narrow with little room to wander.  The canvas-covered wagon followed those of the Rebel soldiers Ty had saved.  Were the men uneasy about the trip?  Her own apprehensions coupled with the unknown path ahead warred for position in her head.  Hoping to relieve her own unease, Sonja glanced at her sister seated beside her.  “Briann, you’ve said little since we left town.  Are you sorry you came with us?”

Sonja’s sister glanced at her before focusing straight ahead.“No, I’m not sorry.  A little sad to have grown up and lived in the same place for so long.  Now to be driven away by Perkins and his vultures makes me angry.”  She paused and glanced at her boys asleep in her lap.  “Where are we headed?”  Laying a hand on the boys’ weary heads, she smiled when her children yawned openly.

“South.”  Sonja peered up ahead at the wagons they’d procured for the journey.  The Confederate soldiers had all changed into civilian clothing thanks to Hortence and her spells.  South sounded like a far-away place and the idea made Sonja nervous.  Her hands wanted to shake.  She gripped the reins tighter.  The road, so far, had wound around bends and up hills before spilling into another valley with new growth greening more readily the further they went.  “I’m sorry I got you into this mess.”  The words came unbidden.  Sonja didn’t give them time to linger before she smiled for her younger sister.  Briann was beautiful with her long waves of coppery fire.  The boys resembled their mom and Sonja secretly hoped they always would.  A smattering of bright freckles dusted their noses and pert pink lips formed perfect bows in their cherub faces.  Love swelled in her chest when she watched them in all their innocence.  Her family – what was left of it was precious to her.  She tried not to think of what she would do if anything happened to them.

Briann quieted again.  Sonja wanted to give her sister some comfort, some support.  However, the danger they all faced remained a grave deterrent.  She slapped the reins over the horse’s rump and steered the team to follow the wagon ahead of theirs.

The gentle sway of the wagons proved mesmerizing.  Sonja was already tired and they’d barely cleared Pennsylvania.  Ty had secured several wagons to help with the refugees who couldn’t walk properly.  Sonja drove one, while Smitty and Conners drove the other two.

“Sonja, if anything should happen to me, will you see to the boys?”

The pain of her sister’s statement weighed heavy on her chest.  “Don’t talk like that, please.  We’ll be fine.  I won’t let anything happen to you or the boys, I promise.”

Her sister’s beautiful green eyes gleamed with unshed tears.  “Don’t promise things you can’t deliver, Sis.”

“You don’t think I can protect you?”

“It’s not that.  I know you’d do everything you could to see us safely out of harm’s way.  Fate may have other ideas.  That’s all.”

They rode side by side for a long time without saying anything.

Truth sometimes had a way of crippling one’s notions of their abilities.  Sonja would speak to Hortence and the Guardian about Briann’s fears.  Surely, her sister was mistaken about her abilities.  She was her sister whom she loved more than life itself.  If she had to give up her gift to save her sister, she’d gladly do it.



Just a note:  I’ll be blog hopping with Carrie Ann Ryan next week and sharing a freebie with blog hoppers, as well as bookmarks and ebook giveaways.  Don’t miss my posts next week!

Waking up Dead – Cover Reveal, Blurb and Blog Tour Schedule – The Western Werewolf Legend Continues


The truth, Sonja Brooks understands is relevant. She’s a werewolf with a special ‘gift’ and faces danger at every turn. Now, the bloodsuckers stalk her family and the man she loves.

He vowed to protect his men despite the cost. Tyler Loflin must save them and Sonja from the threat of Yankee vampires. Seeking help from one of them will test his faith in the human he once knew and his own strength as a newly born werewolf.

Escaping to a better place, Ty and Sonja set out for Texas, but will the freedom and safety they seek elude them?


In preparation for the release of  Waking up Dead, the second book in the Western Werewolf Legend series, I’ll be interviewing with several authors on their blogs.  Check out the schedule below.

April 15th  Emily Walker

April 26th  Emma L. Edwards

April 27th  Alexandra Anthony

April 28th  Ally Thomas

April 29th  Victoria Embers

Sharon Hamilton  TBA

I’ll also be hosting a post for the Tortured Hero’s Blog Hop, April 25-28th.  I’ll share an excerpt from ‘Waking up Dead’ and give away a copy of the paperback, ‘The Lady in the Mist’.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday Fatigues Edition

Friday Fatigues Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.  Thanks to my writing pal, Candi Wall for this post.


Love a man in fatigues? This prompt is for you.

Tell me about our soldier. Who is he? Where is he? In enemy territory? What’s with the intense stare?What’s he thinking? Is he a mercenary? Did he just complete a secret operation? Speaking of details, what do you think the rope is for? Why is he dirty? And more importantly, is he going commando?

Come on, you clever little devils, you. Let’s hear your take.

Share your ideas in the comments.  Don’t be shy!  Here’s my muse’s idea of Charlie Walters –

A Free Swingin’ D**k from Alabama

Charlie Walters, a second tour sergeant of the USMC, is taking a PT to get the rocks and dirt out of his boot and expose his tired ass to some air. ‘PT’ is personal time for you civilians. Yes, he’s going commando, not only because the air feels better on his parched hide,  but because he’s always been a free swinger as his ‘bros’ would call the preference.

Sergeant Walters has seen his share of combat while stationed in Afghanistan, however, he’s been lucky so far and dodged the bullets flying at his unit.  The wind blows with a vengeance through the canyons and down the slopes of this desolate country.  He wears it like armor against the unrelenting sun to protect him from the enemy as well as the elements. The rope is for climbing and securing a man when the trail is twenty feet straight up. To Charlie, the climb is just another part of his sixteen hour days on patrol.

He wears the look of a man who’s been through hell and emerged by the skin of his teeth.  Unscathed physically doesn’t include what he’s seen, heard and felt.  Those wounds will live with him from now on.  Given the opportunity, he’d rather not share the pain, nor would he hide from the memories.  Yeah, Charlie’s just a free swingin’ d**k from south Alabama clocking off his time until he can hop that bird that will see him home.

“Roger that and out.”