Tidbit Tuesday – Casey’s Gunslinger # 2, The Loflin Legacy

Happy to share a snippet from my WIP, Casey’s Gunslinger.  Enjoy!

As your boss, I must warn you that I’m not above ordering you to accompany me to lunch. We have much business to discuss.” The twinkle in his eyes, said he was making light of the statement, yet he held her hand in his without release. “Do indulge me this one time.” Leaning in, he smiled that crooked, totally scandalous smile he saved when he wanted to unnerve her completely.

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Special thanks to Ally Thomas for creating this cover.

Weekend Freebie & Giveaway with Ally Thomas

Today and tomorrow I have a special guest on my blog. I’ve had Ally on my blog before. This time around she’s sharing a secret with us. Ally Thomas, an Amazon Bestselling author in Fantasy and writer of the paranormal fantasy series, the Vampire from Hell has a pen name and she’s starting an erotic paranormal romance series. She sat down with me for an interview yesterday. I’d like to share it today with you with our Q&A.

Click the image to download the ebook for Free at Smashwords.
Click the image to download the ebook for Free at Smashwords.

Weekend Freebie

This weekend I’ll be hosting Ally Thomas both Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to download the sample of her new novella and enter in the giveaway. See below for more details.

Free Ebook

We have an excerpt below from her first novella called “Virgin Moon.” You can access the free sample here. It contains the first two chapters of Virgin Moon. Be sure to download the sample.


Ally will be giving away 4 ebooks of Virgin Moon on Amazon this weekend. To enter, post a comment to this original article at my blog. Ally will randomly pick 4 winners and notify each. Please include your email address in the post to be considered. Thank you! ~Catherine

EXPLICIT WARNING: Stories under Ally’s new pen name, Eva J. Thomas are FOR ADULTS ONLY.

I’d like to thank Ally for being on our blog today. It’s been a wonderful and certainly informative interview. I’d like to wish Ally the best of  luck as she ventures into the paranormal romance genre.

About Virgin Moon

Let’s learn what “Virgin Moon” is about before the interview and excerpt.

Vincent, the rebel vampire son of the dark lord Alichino, receives Emily, a virgin werewolf as a playmate. He wants no part of his father’s latest toy until he looks into the virgin’s eyes and feels his heart respond. Vincent realizes he must escape with the werewolf beauty who has awakened his heart before she’s found or dies at the hands of his evil father. (Word count 28,500)

Interview with Ally Thomas

Catherine: I love your current series, so why a pen name?

Ally: I’ve been exploring new ideas and contemplating writing under pseudonyms this year.  While my Vampire from Hell stories are my first love, I realized late last year that I had hit a brick wall with my writing. I needed a break and wanted a new challenge. When I accidentally deleted the old version of Part 4, I flipped out. Later I realized it was a sign. I needed to re-evaluate things. I started playing around with the idea of writing a paranormal romance after Christmas.

Catherine: Oh my goodness! That had to be a sad day!

Ally: It was, but I recovered. Several of my writing friends helped get me through it. They write exclusively in paranormal romance and erotica. I create covers for them and format their paperbacks so I got curious after skimming sections of their books. I wanted to see if I too could write something ‘romancy’ as I put it. My focus has been fantasy and sci-fi and that’s what I wanted to write with the Vampire from Hell series. Romance, even erotic romance is so different. My strengths are dialogue while writing description is a challenge for me. Writing a sex scene? Wow, that was crazy the first time. I had to write lots of description in romance so I read some ‘How To’ books and got to work. I’m not sure I’m any good at it yet, but I’m exploring. I like how different it is and I love to hear from readers. Finding out what they like about your romance ebook is very informative. Reader feedback has always been fun! I think I needed the distraction of challenging myself to write something  out of my comfort zone in order to find my way back to the Vampire from Hell series.

Catherine: How did you approach this idea of writing a paranormal romance?

Ally: Being a movie buff, I watched a lot of romantic movies. I talked with a few romance author friends of mine a lot, so much so I probably annoyed them. Finally I figured out a story I liked, the language I wanted to use, and went with it.

Catherine: I like your Romeo and Juliet idea you came up with. Emily is a werewolf virgin and Vincent is the vampire hero.

Ally: Thanks. I wanted to do something that complemented the Vampire from Hell universe in my head so Vincent is a good vampire. His father who is a demon is not however.

Catherine: Not at all. He’s the big threat of the story. That was a great idea.

Ally: That’s right. Vincent’s father is actually after Emily and her family. Vincent has to act fast to get them out of ‘the dark place’ as I call it.

Catherine: Sounds very exciting and I love the hotness of the scenes. You did get some good ones in for the novella. Did you find that difficult to keep Virgin Moon around 40,000 words?

Ally: As an Indie Author for a few years now, I’ve been fascinated to see that the ebook market is changing. New Indie Authors are publishing stories, novels, novellas every day defining the length. To some, 100,000 words is a novel. To another, 30,000 words is a novella. If readers are open to the experience, they get to enjoy that author’s contribution. Amazon even has this new thing called Kindle Serials where authors publish an ongoing serialization of a story idea.

Catherine: Is that where the serial romance idea came from then? Your first Eva story is an ‘episode’.

Ally: Possibly. I liked the idea of a romance in episodes. As you know, I write parts of the Vampire from Hell series. Installments. I can’t write long works. Beginning/Middle/End. The traditional way. That is another realization I made over these long months. I’d love to be able to sit down and write 100,000 word novel. Maybe some day I will. For now my length is anywhere from 35,000 to 55,000 words per ebook. I’ve been wrestling with trying to fit in more as an author, trying to do approaches that work for others. But it’s not me. I’m not going to write massively long books and I need to own up to that, privately and officially. I want to find that courage I had in late 2011 and approach my writing (whether it is as Ally Thomas or some other name) and than means me standing up to some personal demons I’ve been fighting with. I never realized how much it would take daily to promote myself as an author when I first started out. Now I know and I have to be ready for it so it doesn’t consume me again. I’ve gotta approach writing the way I want to or I won’t last at it.

Catherine: That makes sense. It sounds like you have been figuring out a lot of things so are you ready to share an excerpt of Virgin Moon?

Click the image to view at Amazon.
Click the image to view at Amazon.

Excerpt from “Virgin Moon” (A Werewolf/Vampire Serial Romance, Episode #1) – ADULT CONTENT WARNING

“Kiss me, Emily,” Vincent said.  He pulled me towards him, but it didn’t take any persuasion for me to respond to his request.

“Yes,” I moaned, falling into his arms and meeting his lips.

He covered my mouth hungrily.  His deep kisses sent the pit of my stomach into a wild swirl, igniting my sex in unimaginable delights.  Had there been men like this in my kingdom, I’d lost my virginity long ago, I surmised as I returned his kiss.  A feverish passion grew inside me.

“I do agree with you.  You may be a virgin, but you’re an experienced one.  How far have you gone?”

“I’m not a tease,” I snapped, retreating from his embrace.

“I didn’t say that.”  Having shoved my blue shirt off my shoulders, Vincent caressed my upper body.  Slowly he traced the lines of my collarbone, on each side, and finally cupped my breast very gently.  His boldness fascinated me.  The brief moments of my anger vanished quickly.  I had no idea vampires could be the embodiment of tranquility.  I marveled at his subtle power, returning his gaze again.  How could I deny him anything?  I thought.  I prayed to the Moon Goddess that this was part of the plan.  It had to be!

“Tell me,” he commanded.  His change of tone startled me.

My nails sprang forward and sank into each shoulder blade as I held onto him.

He grimaced slightly, pausing for a moment, being sure not to move.  Caution rose in his eyes.

“I’m scared.  Please tell me I can trust you.”

“My sweet, it is not for me to take your virginity.  If you are who you say you are – and I think you are – you will know when to give it freely to another.  You can trust me.  I only want a taste.”  He leaned up to kiss me lightly on the lips again.

I relaxed my claws and caressed his muscular shoulders as a way of asking forgiveness for my brief assault.  I felt my cheeks blush when he pulled away from me.

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Click the image to download Part 1 for free at Amazon.
Click the image to download Part 1 for free at Amazon.

About the Author

Ally Thomas loves writing paranormal books that showcase vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any furry monsters who go bump in the night. She enjoys imagining new origins for these traditional creatures and seeing where it’ll take her.

Ally lives in the south with her husband and unproductive furry co-workers including two cats and a dog. She is currently working on the next installment of the paranormal fantasy series, the Vampire from Hell as well as exploring her passion for vampire romance under a new pen name. Learn more at http://www.allythomas.com or contact the author for details. She prides herself on being an author who stays in touch with her fans and will email you back.

Ally’s blog – http://allythomas.wordpress.comThe Vampire from Hell Book Page on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thevampirefromhellbyallythomas

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